Kanye West’s Latest Attack on Paparazzi Makes Him Sound Even More Full of Himself (VIDEO)


kanyeIt seems like Kanye West is always pissed off about something. That's just his M.O. His friends aren't even safe from his snark-filled fury (except for his "perfect bitch" Kim Kardashian, of course). Case in point: he totally dissed pal Jay Z's recent musical collaboration with Justin Timberlake. And word is, he has been very rude to his baby mama's mama Kris Jenner. His latest target? Not surprisingly, Kanye lashed out at the paparazzi, but his reasons why are just silly.

According to TMZ, the rapper isn't happy with the kinds of questions they have been asking since he started his relationship with Kim. The couple has been pressed about their pregnancy and their exes so much that Kanye now demands that they never talk to him or anyone he knows never ever again. He makes his feelings crystal clear in the video below. 


I understand how he feels, but what the hell does he expect? This is the guy who tells anyone and everyone he is the best, the greatest, that there is no one better. He wants to be king of the world, compares himself to Jesus. To say he is boastful and arrogant is an understatement. On top of that, he doesn’t even try to live a private life away from the limelight. Yet, he doesn’t want the attention that comes with it? Yes, paparazzi are rude and disgustingly invasive, but that’s the game Kanye. If you weren't so good at it, they wouldn't care and I have a feeling you wouldn't like that either.

Do you think Kanye really wants the paparazzi to leave him alone?


Image via Pieter-Jannick Dijkstra/Flickr



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youth... youthfulsoul

Was their ever any doubt as to how ridiculous he is?

Paws84 Paws84

He's such a waste of space

Jaye K Burkhart

ANother idiot she got herself involved with UGH....

Cindy McGraw

she should tell him to act like a man, not a spoiled brat 10-yr-old who has no control over his emotions. I feel sorry for North if this is how he is going to train her to b a mature, contributing member of society. And btw, how can someone with the class of JZ consider this idiot to b a friend?

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