Cory Monteith & Lea Michele's Engagement Wasn't Far Off When Tragedy Struck

lea michele cory monteithIt is still incredibly hard to believe that Cory Monteith passed away so suddenly this weekend. In the wake of the horrifying news breaking, rumors were flying left and right about the state of his relationship with Lea Michele. Questionable sources claimed they had split in the days leading up to the death. But new information makes it seem like that claim couldn't be further from the truth ...

A source tells Us Weekly, "They were 100 percent happy and together and in love at the time of his death. They never broke up. ... Lea and Cory were planning on moving in together after he got back from Vancouver." What's more, there's buzz that the two may have been newly engaged ...

A source tells the Mirror:

It is absolutely tragic. Lea was busy organizing what should have been the happiest day of their lives but now she is planning her worst nightmare, Cory’s funeral.

The validity of this vague statement -- she could have been thinking about and "organizing" a wedding even before he popped the Q, of course -- is obviously questionable. Especially given that Us Weekly's source claims the couple was not "talking engagement or marriage yet but it was heading that way. The first step was Cory was going to move in [to Michele's L.A. home] completely. He was already there all the time." That, on the other hand, definitely seems to follow, given that there are photos of Cory's Range Rover still parked at Lea's L.A. home.

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These are details that only serve to make Cory's completely shocking passing even more difficult to accept. How could this have happened to a 31-year-old who clearly had so much life and love ahead of him? Poor, poor Lea. Of course she deserves the privacy she's requested, but let's also hope loved ones are also giving her any support she may need during this incomprehensibly difficult time.


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nonmember avatar Kristi

A sad situation but I don't feel a drug overdose (to be determined)is a tragedy. I reserve that word for people who don't undervalue their life.

Melan... MelanieJK

How often does anyone overdose due to a breakup?      Intentional suicide is rarely so simple or explainable.    If there's no history of mental issues (beyond addiction) or suicide my wild guess is an accidental overdose and/or lethal combination of drugs.

SaphireH SaphireH

I spent all night watching Glee and crying especially during Finn buying Rachel the star and when he told her good bye so she could go to NY

nonmember avatar Jenna

I think people should stop jumping to conclusions before an autopsy is even done.
Also, to say a death is not a tragedy if it is drug related is ignorant. Just because people are addicts does not mean it makes their life less than ours. Shameful and I pray to God you never love someone with an addiction.

holly... hollywood222222

Kristi, it is a tragedy. You are ignorant to the fact, because by the sound of your statement, you have never known a drug addict. What a horrible thing to say. You don't think his family considers this tragic? What a moron you really sound like. You know nothing about addiction, so keep your trap shut.

Choco... Chocodoxies

First, addiction is a disease and though many are hurt by that disease, many are also hurt when a family member develops the symptoms of Alzheimers. I don't think we should be attacking a deceased man for his disease.

Secondly, as easy as this is to write off as drug related, I'm holding off on assuming he fell off the wagon until the autopsy says so. Remember Brittany Murphy? Everyone was so certain she was drugged out, and she actually died of untreated pneumonia. Until they come back with the autopsy results and it was an overdose, I'm holding off on making any assumptions. 

nonmember avatar Kristi

I am certainly not arguing the fact that this is a sad situation for all involved. I PERSONALLY use the word tragedy for situations not involving self inflicted deaths. If that is even correct which is why I said "to be determined". Furthermore it is presumptuous of you to think I have never been affected by an addiction just because I do not feel this death to be a "tragedy". Who is the moron? You who takes a celebrity death so personally you have to resort to name calling.

Choco... Chocodoxies

"Furthermore it is presumptuous of you to think I have never been affected by an addiction just because I do not feel this death to be a "tragedy"." - I'm not sure who you are talking too, but this statement is so callous and heartless. The death of anyone this young in life is a tragedy. I am sure his family feels it is a tragedy. I am sure his girlfriend feels it is a tragedy. I am pretty sure that fans of his work feel it is a tragedy that his talents are lost to the world. Being taken from this world at such a young age, for any reason, is a tragedy.  

Also,  caps lock is used to express yelling, and jumping on to defend your position shows you care. So perhaps it is you who shouldn't take the internet so seriously. 

nonmember avatar Kristi

Chocodoxies- I am sorry that I used cap locks to emphasize a word.I am aware that is usually reserved for a yelling font I just don't always use it that way. I am also sorry that I use the word tragedy for other instances rather than self inflicted-even if it was accidental.(I know it is only alleged at this point) That is a personal word preference-usage. Also I really do not take most of the internet seriously- I do seriously try to clarify what I have written. Especially when I should have explained myself to begin with. I was not trying to make light of a terrible situation.

Mummy... Mummy2Connor

This is sad, just like all the other young people who suddenly die, or lose their loved ones everyday.

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