Robert Pattinson Looks Sexy in the Bathtub in Another Dior Ad Sneak Peek (PHOTO)

robert pattinson dior adWhen you were a kid, did you ever poke and shake and prod at a Christmas present so much that by the time you opened it, it was a bit anticlimactic? Well, we're getting another sneak peek at that Robert Pattinson Dior ad and ... hmm. I'm starting to think we're going to end up seeing the entire ad frame by frame before it's finally released. Will it be worth the wait? I ask? For the 1,000th time?

Oh but let's look at the new still anyway -- it's hot. Rob is in the bathtub! Fully clothed. But I love where his grin is going ...


robert pattinson dior ad

Right? What is he looking at? His new boyfriend! Bwa ha ha ha ha! THAT would be a surprise. But you know it's just going to be a half-naked female model or two or three. Boy, they'd better be saving something extra tantalizing for when they finally release the full campaign (which will be when, October?). I want to see Robert dancing the Mambo with an orangutan. Can we see him running through a field of poppies, throwing off his clothes? No, wait, I've got it. He turns into a vampire, crawls out of the bathtub, bites the entire cast and crew, turns into a bat, and then flies off into the night.

This is worse than shaking your Christmas present. Forget that metaphor. You know what this reminds me of more? When you see an extra-long trailer for a movie that makes you feel like you've already seen the movie.

I've almost forgotten what this ad is even about -- Oh yes, Dior Homme parfum. They're selling more than a smell, it's a mood, a je ne sais quoi, a FEELING. Perhaps it will be something like ... ennui carried by myrrh. Eu de anticlimax muddled with amber. Vetiver and whatever ...

Do you think Dior should just release the ad already?


Image via Dior/Twitter

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