Kathy Wakile & Rosie Pierri Hint That Joe Giudice & Joe Gorga Make Up on 'Watch What Happens Live'

kathy wakile Last night, on a very special episode of Watch What Happens Live, Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri dropped by, and unsurprisingly, the conversation veered into Joe Giudice/Joe Gorga territory.

If you watched last night's ep of RHONJ (which, duh, of course you did), you saw the beginning of the explosive fight the two Joes got into at the retreat. (If you didn't, here's what you need to know: Joe Gorga called Teresa scum; Joe Giudice barged into the room, demanding he apologize; Joe Gorga ran at Joe Giudice, and the two start fist-fighting. The real meat is, of course, in next week's episode. Classic Bravo.)

But here's something inneresting we learned on WWHL: Despite the dramatic preview for next week's RHONJ episode, sounds like the two men are going to make up.

When Rosie and Kathy talked about the retreat and the fight, they were fairly cagey and diplomatic. Kathy, who called Joe Gorga out on calling his sister "scum" in the Housewives ep, told Andy that she knew Joe Gorga was just talking in the heat of the moment and that the weekend was supposed to be about healing, not attacking. But Rosie, on the other hand, made casual mention of the fact that the weekend worked. As in, all the healing that was supposed to take place, or at least part of the healing, happened. As in, the Giudices and the Gorgas kind of sort of make up. Okay, maybe that sounds a little far-fetched, but it at least sounds like things calm down after the dudes duke it out.

Another noteworthy point in the WWHL ep? Kathy was asked by a fan if she got pissed when her husband told Melissa Gorga he has a fantasy about her (understandable Q). Kathy said that, no, she wasn't pissed, because that's just how Rich is. "He even hits on Rosie," Kathy said.

I, personally, am most intrigued about this whole "healing" thing between Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice. I really can't imagine that ever happening, but hey, Rosie said so, so I'm holding her to it.

Do you think Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga will ever make up?


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nonmember avatar keicher maheia

i believe gorga family will make up nothing is in possible with he is da source of peace i wish da family joy an happiness with each othet

nonmember avatar keichermaheia

my bad other guidice an gorga will be find forgiveness is da key of healing time an love will conquer it all for them

nonmember avatar keicher maheia

god is peace gorga an guidice family be ok

Carol Lanning

You know what I like kathy and Rose and they love there family get back the way it was but someone is not saying there sorry it is very sad this is going on between the brother and the sister and you know who is hurting the children and they are not see there couin's that is so sad the kids think they have bad mom's and dad's what the hell is going on with people today grow and and get on with your life and life is very very short 

nonmember avatar elaina

joe gorga needs to see what his wife is doing to his sister and family.
your wife joe is jealous of your sister and your relationship with your parents !!!open your eyes!

nonmember avatar Pamela Cook

Juicy took poison down fast. Bet poison doesn't charge him again. The scratches on juicy s face came from Melissa trying to pull him off poison. Lol. Why would melissa want Teresa to pull juicy off poison? He started it.. If you can't handle the juice just sit and cry... They wore all this its love loves fault out. Go chase around all the ppl spreading about your past Melissa ( your maid of honor) not Teresa said you cheated. Stupid bunch of cash cows.

nonmember avatar sharon avalos

Why the hello do people watch this....Moe Money......Silly and yet sad....Poor kids....

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