Kristen Stewart May Be Dating 'Boardwalk Empire' Star to Get Over Robert Pattinson

kristen stewart michael pittDepending on what source you read on what day, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart can't live without one another, are waiting for just the right moment to text the other, OR have completely moved on and are now seeing other people. I'd put my money on the last option. Although their reps have denied it, the buzz surrounding Rob's possible relationship with Riley Keough (aka Elvis's granddaughter!) seems to have reached a fever pitch. Now, The Sun is reporting that Kristen has moved on with Michael Pitt, best known for starring on Boardwalk Empire. (Though he was also Henry -- the freshman football player OBSESSED with Michelle Williams' Jen Lindley? -- on Dawson's Creek. Remember?)

The pair reportedly met at Paris Fashion Week, where they were photographed sitting side-by-side at a runway show. A source claims, "Kristen's not over Rob, but she's getting there." And apparently, this new relationship could be the key ...

The source goes onto say:

Michael’s helping her through it. She vowed to throw herself into work and be single this summer. But when she met Michael last week, they hit it off. They both hate the spotlight and are smart bookworm types.

Oookay. They both seem like brooding, scowly, moody, miserable, slightly pretentious, and angry-at-the-world types is more like it! That said, maybe they really ARE a good fit! Maybe Michael "gets" her more than Rob? Still, I'm thinking pigs will fly and hell will freeze over before we get any kind of official confirmation that they're an item if they really are. After all, they both loathe celebrity culture and are only in Hollywood to be oh-so-serious actors. Bleggghh.

We shall see! If Robsten's truly dunzo, and morose Michael can help KStew through the split, let's hope there is some truth to these two being a couple.

What do you think about Kristen and Michael as a possible new couple? Are you rooting for Rob and Kristen to move on or get back together?


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nonmember avatar Joanne smith-by

Want kristen and Robert back together again

nonmember avatar guest

I am getting whiplash from all these moronic tabloid stories. There's got to be something mentally deficient with people who write for these tabloids. Every day there's a new story about Kristen and Pattinson so much so they no longer seem human. These people who write for the tabloids have to be born perverts and how they are allowed to write and create stories about a human being is beyond comprehension. Just plain sick.

nonmember avatar annmontgomery

For one he's a little old for her and lots more experienced. two he has a girlfriend and I don't think kristen wants to touch comited people again, especially if she's smart, I would wait until he had no more entanglements before I dated him. I don't think she needs a bad boy, but that not my choice, it's her's. has anyone seen her in the states with him? She's going to be very busy for the next few months. two films to crank out. But to bring up something odd with this announcement. Just yesterday several of us said in tweets that it would be nice if she had someone to help her over Rob, and who pops up the next day but Michael Pitt. Their picture shows no real interest in their faces, just politeness. This relationship would allow you mad dogs another opportunity to hound Kristen. But on the other hand Robert and Riley to get back on track. I'm starting to scare myself because I'm thinking ugly lies like you tab and pappz

BJBabs BJBabs

She's a ho, fo sho.

nonmember avatar Pooja sharma

Rock kristy. I know you are strong girl. You are my fav. Actress. I am from india. But you is the only one that I love most. U r a marvolus actor. I think you and rob look hot together. Bt if you chose someone else in your life I am sure he is also best. Lol.....

Felipe Waxx Delgado


nonmember avatar FALSE RUMORS

Micheal Pitt is a grown man of 32 years of age (much too old for K Stew). His long term girlfriend is musician Jamie Bochert. Both Micheal and Jaime are a very weird artsy goth-looking type of couple. They are still very much together and there's no way K Stew would associate herself with the breakup of another relationship.


I wish they could get back together, but if that is not possible, then I hope they are both happy. The past is gone, the future is not to be wasted over the regrets I'm sure they both have.

nonmember avatar Guest

OK, so I know press is getting frustrated because neither are giving you anything...I KNEW they would put these two together. He is engaged and the model he is with has a status of married to Michael Pitt on her profile.

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