'Glee' Star Cory Monteith Found Dead at Age 31 (VIDEO)

Cory Monteith deadHeartbreaking, absolutely devastating news tonight. According to Vancouver police, beloved Glee actor Cory Monteith has been found dead in a hotel room at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel. The cause of death is not yet known, but foul play has apparently been ruled out. After Monteith reportedly missed check-out time, hotel staff found him deceased in his room. Cory was just 31 years old.  

I'm completely reeling on this one. It's like a blow to the gut. Another inspiring, talented, insanely likable, and painfully young celebrity gone too soon. News like this makes you just want to hit rewind and then pause on the moment before you found out it was true. Cory Monteith, the guy who stole our hearts in that very first episode of Glee, gone from this world forever ... 

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Of course, we're all wondering if the addiction demons Monteith has been fighting (goddamn, I hate them) are to blame. Cory has spoken openly about his past history with drug and alcohol addictionHe entered rehab at age 19 but then managed to land the Glee gig at age 27. However, a few months ago, Monteith once again checked himself into rehab for "substance abuse, a program he completed at the end of April. Since then, he has been spotted on the red carpethanging out looking happy with girlfriend and Glee co-star Lea Michele, and back to work on the Season 5 set of Glee. Everything looked like it was on the up and up. And maybe it was. We still don't know ... An autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

Our hearts go out to Monteith's friends and family and, of course, to Lea Michele. Their lives have been rocked and completely changed forever today. Please give them all strength.

We miss you so much already Cory!

Are you a Cory Monteith fan? Tell us what you love most about him.


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zmont... zmontague

I am so saddened by his death.  Gone way too young.  I can understand how his family must be feeling.  I lost 4 people close to me in the past 14 month. So much death.  When will it end??

Anna Elizabeth Gray

It still doesn't feel real to me. I'm afraid that I'll fall asleep, and I'll wake up thinking this was all a bad dream just to have my heart break all over again. He was an inspiration to me, and he was one of my personal heroes. I have been a fan of Glee since day one, and I feel like the past four years of my life have just come to an end. Glee won't be the same without him. The world won't be the same without him.

Baile... Bailey8307

This is absolutely heartbreaking. It feels like a punch to the gut. I loved him on Glee. He was so talented and I admired him for getting help for his addictions. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and girlfriend. This is such a terrible tragedy.

nonmember avatar Christine

We will miss you Corey! We Love you

Nicholas Beasley

I Loved The Brightness And Warmth That Cory Had As A Person, So Sweet And Caring. So Sad To Lose An Amazing Guy Like Him.

nonmember avatar Juanita Dobla

Am sooo sad, shocked! Am a great fan of him. Love everything in him! May he rest in peace!

Darlene Parker

" So Sad Hearing Cory Monteith has died. He had so much to live for,
My prayers go out to family and friends:-(

Lourdes Kriete

I can't believe Cory’s gone my heart is broken, so young, you will be truly and utterly missed, thanks for the great memories, forever in our hearts.found his mom Ann here http://dailyentertainmentnews.com/?p=13009 and dad Joe here http://dailyentertainmentnews.com/?p=12990, my prayers are with them

amber... amberdotsmom

I went on CNN to see if there was a anything new about Randy Travis and instead the headline about Corey jumped out at me.  So unexpected I could've process that it was real for a minute.  31 is far to young.  I'm sure family and cast mates are in shock today 

nonmember avatar Gleek

We will miss cory .. Its true that glee wont be the same without him <\3 rest in piece cory ... We love you

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