Hospital Employees Fired for Snooping in Kim Kardashian's Medical Records After Baby North's Birth

kim kardashianYesterday, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where Kim Kardashian gave birth, released a statement that 14 patient records were "inappropriately accessed" between June 18 and June 24. Six people were fired over the breach: four were employees of community physicians who have medical staff privileges at the hospital, one was a medical assistant employed by Cedars-Sinai, and one was an unpaid student research assistant. If those dates look familiar -- Kim delivered baby North on June 15 and checked out about a week later -- it's no coincidence ... TMZ is reporting that Kim's records were indeed accessed. Apparently, the hospital contacted her to let her know what had happened.

Sources tell TMZ that the Kardashians suspected information was leaking from the hospital after various media reports surfaced with certain information about the birth of her daughter North that she hadn't told anyone. Looks like they weren't just being paranoid, huh?

Kim was reportedly glad the hospital contacted her and is happy that action was taken against the workers. Geeze -- can't say I blame her!

Of course we're talking about someone who leads a very public life and who is -- for better or worse -- accustomed to her most private moments being tabloid fodder. But that doesn't mean her medical records, the details of her delivery are fair game. It's also disconcerting to ANY Cedars-Sinai patient -- famous or not -- that records were "inappropriately accessed." There are privacy standards hospitals must adhere to, especially hospitals in L.A. that have unfortunately become accustomed to frequent breaches of patient records -- particularly celebrity records.

In light of what happened, the hospital said it is providing more privacy training to physicians and adding extra "safeguards and redundancies" to the computer system's security. Let's hope so!

How do you feel about what happened here?


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sassy... sassykat122

Right on! No matter the public life medical privacy is everyones right.

Gianna Markolus

The media constantly digs for invasive info on her & people who shouldn't be providing it do but people think she "leaks" the info. It's so dumb bc it happens to other celebs & the reaction to them is oh invasion of privacy bla bla. Just because she is a reality TV star doesn't give them the right to do things like that. She's still human like everybody else. Then the media turns around & villifies her as an attention w**** when they are the ones seeking out & printing this stuff.

Ickles Ickles matter WHO they are...deserves privacy. Period.

hagan... hagans506

That's right Ickies,!

Jami VB

As a nurse, I would have NEVER taken a chance to snoop and lose my license! The nursing and medical boards that have licensed those individuals could suspend or revoke their licenses due to HIPPA breach, if they wanted to. What idiots! You work so hard for that license, and then you just throw it away like that. Every patient deserves the right to privacy!!!

Ember... Emberbaby

That is straight up WRONG. ALL patients deserve privacy.

tifferie tifferie

I worked for a well known hospital and they track that information. They take it very serious.

Momme... MommeeTo4

Hipaa violation

nonmember avatar mel

Ahh the want for a big pay day clouded their judgement. Not sure how they went to school and got great jobs wothout being able to think ahead or think things through. But hey we all gotta live and learn.

nonmember avatar Gretta

Uhm. Illegal isn't it?

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