Lindsay Lohan's Finally Doing Reality TV & It's All Oprah's Fault

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lindsay lohan reality tvGuess it was only a matter of time ... Lindsay Lohan's getting her own reality show. No, not on TLC, so she can go back-to-back with Honey Boo Boo. Not on E! so she and the Kardashians can hang at upfronts together. But on Oprah's OWN Network. Ugggghhhh, WHY? Then again, with LiLo's life being filled with neverending tabloid fodder, and her apparent inability to get her act together, maybe she and reality TV are a match made in Hollywood Hell!

OWN tells the La Lohan extravaganza will kick off with an Oprah-LiLo sit-down taped and aired in August -- after the actress finishes her 90-day court-ordered stint in rehab expected to conclude July 31. Then, brace yourself for an eight-episode docu-series that will "follow the actress as she works to rebuild her career and stay healthy" and will air in 2014. Whoo hoo ...?

It bears noting that this is the first unscripted project Lindsay has said yes to, after apparently turning down many over the years, preferring to stick to scripted acting roles. Can't say I blame her actually! It seems like reality TV tends to make celebs -- or NON-celebs (cough MTV's Teen Moms! Most notably Farrah Abraham!) -- go even crazier!

That said, if the whole focus of this series is to document how she's cleaning up her act and getting on track, perhaps it really could be helpful to her personally and professionally. Maybe Oprah's onto something here. And as long as we're facing the "reality" of the situation, let's be honest with ourselves -- we are totally going to be tuning in.

What do you think about LiLo getting her OWN reality series? Will you be watching?


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Choco... Chocodoxies

"That said, if the whole focus of this series is to document how she's cleaning up her act and getting on track, perhaps it really could be helpful to her personally and professionally." 

No, this will not help her. The fact is, reality TV is not interesting unless there is drama, so that is what will be played up on her show, as well as any other show. Having the added pressure of a television show on top of her attempt to stay sober is too much pressure for anyone to handle. One of the first rules of staying sober is less stress, do not add new things onto your plate in that first year. No new relationships, don't move away from your support system, don't switch up careers. Stress can equal failure with addiction. This is just proof that people are still using her for money, and that she is fool enough to go for it. 

mommy... mommy053008

No not even remotely interested to see this

Snowwand Snowwand

I wish Lindsey all the very very best, we are all human, we all fall, no one is perfect.. People can be cruel, life isn't a fairly tale, even when you're famous .. go Lindsay, it wont be easy.. but you are not alone, people love you and wish you well. Stay away from the haters, they don't hate you they hate themselves... they have plenty of work to do on themselves, keep you chin up, and keep moving forward..

Lori Testy

Lindsay was a good little actress years ago. Everyone has their troubles and downfalls in life. Maybe it's good hers happened when she was young and has a chance to rebuild her career again.When you're famous, everything is watched like a hawk and things are printed that aren't even true.For some people, it's hard to deal with. I know it would be for me. Wish her the best.


I will not be tuning in. I can't look at what she's done to her face without cringing...

Denise Fowler

I won't be watching it,I never really cared for her before she had all the problems....

Chelc177 Chelc177

Hopefully it will help her get her act together. 

lizilli lizilli

I won't be watching either.  Lindsay is a sad and ill person who does not need cameras while trying to get her life together.  This is a tragedy and I don't think I will ever view Oprah the same way again.  Cashing in on a trainwreck and trying to make us believe this is a learning experience.  Not so much, it is an exploiting experience.  This child needs to go away, recover what self she has left and begin her career over with good work that isn't feeding her narcissism.  Hopefully, she can get her life back on track, but I won't be watching what promises to be a cringeworthy endeavour.

Teal Chastain Blacksten

I also think that Lindsay Lohan should be on an episode of "Fix My Life." I think that could be a great thing for Lohan, and a ratings bump for OWN.

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