Tina Turner’s Husband-to-Be Erwin Bach: 12 Facts About Man Who Nabbed ‘The Queen of Rock’

Tina Turner Erwin BachRecent Vogue cover girl Tina Turner is reportedly engaged to be married to her longtime love, Erwin Bach. I couldn't be happier for the couple, who seem to be a true match made in heaven -- something Turner sure deserved after her horrible marriage to Ike Turner all those years ago.

So who is this fellow Erwin Bach, the man who's held the affection of the Queen of Rock for over 25 years? We did some digging!

1. He is an extremely successful -- and wealthy! -- music mogul: Bach's fortune is reportedly worth $50 million. (Not that his bride-to-be needs his money -- Turner's 50th anniversary tour raked in over $130 million!)

2. At 57, Bach is 16 years younger than his lady love. Though, in an awesome interview from years ago, Tina says they balance each other out because, at heart, "He's really 50 and I'm really 15!" LOVE. IT.

3. Bach was born in Germany, but he and Tina have lived primarily at their home in Zurich, Switzerland for the last 15 years. (Um, yes, obviously they have several properties, including a second home on the French Riviera. Duh.)

4. They've been together for 27 years! That's, like, 27 times longer than many celebrity marriages.

5. Bach and Turner met at an EMI record label party in 1985. They were "just friends" though for a year before they got romantically involved.

6. Turner turned down Bach's first proposal!

7. Turner and Bach were reported to have finally gotten engaged last April.

8. Wait -- he might actually ALREADY be married ... to Turner? News outlets reported the couple got secretly married a few weeks ago! We'll just assume that's not true for now.

9. We know a few things about the wedding too! The date is reportedly set for July 21 in Switzerland (where Tina became a national citizen last April). 

10. The honor of designing Tina's wedding gown will go to Giorgio Armani, who reportedly will also be a guest at the event.

11. What should you wear if you're lucky enough to get an invitation? White! That's because Turner has been a practicing Buddhist since the early 1970s.

12. When asked once what Tina loves most about her sweetie, she replied, "HIM! -- Just him -- he is great!"

Who are some of your favorite long-term celebrity couples?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar teresa

Tina Turner deserves only the best.one classy lady ,I love her and her music .she was never late for her concerts.and is one respectable lady.Good Luck Tina.....


Yay for her ! She deserves true uncomplicated love.

nonmember avatar theodora ediale

Wow! Am so happy for Tina. It only shows its never too late to take a chance at love. I wish them God's best

nonmember avatar Maddie Willisms

Tina deserves the best, the life with Ike was pure Hell, she need this Man to make her happy, I need to meet one just like him!!

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