Jenelle Evans Gives a Hysterical Excuse for Living With Another Dude While Still Married


jenelle evansOne thing you've gotta give Teen Mom Jenelle Evans credit for: The woman does not run out of excuses. Ever. Jenelle recently said that, although she's currently living with new boyfriend Nathan Griffith while technically still married to Courtland Rogers, she's not committing adultery because Courtland cheated first.

Now, don't get me wrong, I was just as happy as the next guy to see Jenelle and Courtland part ways -- they're one of history's worst couples. And if she wants to be with someone else right now, that's fine. She and Rogers are estranged. But is she really using the ol' "he did it first" excuse. What is this, second grade?

Jenelle need not paint herself as the "scorned woman" here. Because she's not. Yeah, Courtland may have cheated first, but if Jenelle actually gave a rat's ass, she would have "mourned" their relationship first, as opposed to diving head-first into a new relationship. In fact, I'm guessing Jenelle was thrilled Courtland cheated, because that way, she was off the hook for anything she did afterwards.

I couldn't help but let out the most audible of sighs when I read Jenelle's tweet on the whole sitch. She wrote: "It's not a sin if one spouse has been unfaithful. CR was unfaithful and we r separated." First of all, easy there with the Bible talk, killer. And second of all, stop making excuses. Yes, what Courtland did was really, really wrong -- and he's one of the world's biggest trashballs -- but don't get it twisted, Jenelle. His wrong doesn't make you right.

What do you think of this?


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Heath... HeatherMazzone

I hate Jenelle but if my husband cheated on me I would not hesitate to move on with my life. So what if I'm still legally married. I live in NC where she got married and here you have to be seperated for a year before you can get a divorce. I'm not gonna sit by and feel sorry for myself when I can move on and be happy. Not that her new relationship is anything more than a new flavor of the month, but still.

sand008 sand008

That just goes to show how immature she is.

Merry... Merrythought34

The creation of 'Teen Mom' was a sin.

nonmember avatar Amanda Dumea

She needs a guy all the time well she had a baby boy that should be the man In her life that she needs

Amy Adams

The girl has already had a kid out of welock (Fyi so have I and have the world Just saying) Thats a sin then she has had how many sex partners all while not being married let's see first Jace's dad, then Keipher then that Army guy I forgot his name then Cortland and now this ugly guy...(Not included the guys she slept with we dont know about)  And how about the whlole honer your mother and father thing and their prbably is a sin in their about neglesgting you kid and she is the biggest lier ever. Each of those were a sin so what does she care about this sin.

my3ki... my3kidscome1st

She needs a man it seems to be complete but jace should be the man to complete her all I've seen of janelle is man to man to man but to me her son should be her main guy not her mothers its very sad cause I remember she was excited to have him on 16snd pregnant then she gave up but I know she could do it I know it if she put her whole body and soul oh and love in to jace first

nonmember avatar Makaila

I also live in NC where she was married and you do have to be legally separated for a year. I wouldn't wait either. I was in a relationship where he beat me&& cheated and stole everything to Get drugs. The night I left him he beat the hell out of me and and I had a guy come pick me up. Here we are 7 months later and in cuddled up, to that same guy who picked me up, in bed right now. And I've been cuddling up for 7 months to him. Some relationships don't need to be mourned. I know mine didn't.

ForShame ForShame

She needs a man to focus on because she can not stand looking at herself. What about the physical addiction to HEROIN? That doesnt just magically go away and she only spent 3 days in rehab because she couldnt handle the withdrawls so she has been using every 8 to 12 hours this entire time! This new boyfriend is an alcoholic and probably a pill taker and they both are keeping their darkest secrets and thats what bonds them together. It will all come out soon its only a matter of time...

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