Hunky Christian Grey Contender Says He'd Have to Be 'Intimate' With Ana to Take the Role

Paul WalkerThere have been a zillion ridiculously good-looking Hollywood actors thrown into the ring to play the coveted sexy role of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Yeah, I'm a fan of Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder just like the rest of you -- but it seems like there may be another big name hunk that's willing to take on the big part. Ready for it? Paul Walker as Christian Grey. I know, holy vision of hotness!

Well, sort of. He didn't say 100 percent yes he would do it, but he did dish on what would have to happen if he said yes, and that something has everything to do with the woman cast to play Anastasia Steele.

"It would be really important to have incredible chemistry with whoever the girl was and it couldn't be something you would have to force," said Paul. "I think the people need to spend a lot of time together and intimate time would probably help."

Sounds like Walker's kinda into the idea, doesn't it? UGH. Paul Walker shirtless. Gimme!!

I'm just gonna come out with it -- Paul Walker would be a dazzling Christian. I mean, first things first, have you seen the Fast & Furious star in a suit? The man looks absolutely flawless. Almost as flawless as Paul Walker shirtless. Can you tell I like to look at him shirtless? I've only mentioned it three times so far.

I will say this: He'd have to color his hair for the part. We all know that Christian Grey is a foxy man of copper-colored hair, which definitely isn't what Paul's rockin'. Paul Walker with brown locks? YES! A man with dark hair and light eyes is my personal favorite!

Watch Paul talk about taking on Christian Grey, here (skip to the 1:30 mark):

Would you want to see Paul as Christian Grey?


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Liz Young

Your kidding, right?  Also, he is no Christian Grey. So to another drummer with that song.

nonmember avatar Virginia Hat

no, he is not sexy enough! He needs to be suave and sophisticated and have dark features.

nonmember avatar Elsa

Jai Courtney for Christian Grey please, have you guys seen this guy in jack Reacher, beautiful bad boy face

nonmember avatar Virginia Hat

how about Rodigo Santoro or Christiano Ronaldo? Dark and mysterious…..perfect!

Beth Ann

I think he would be better to play Elliott!

Ginger61 Ginger61

Adam Levine!!

Jamie Davis



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