Brandi Glanville's Behavior Could Mean She's in Real Trouble


brandiThere is no question that Brandi Glanville has come off as the lovable, laughable train wreck since her debut on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The outspoken ex of Eddie Cibrian, she is not one to hold her tongue about anything -- either Kim Richards' substance abuse or how she feels about the woman who stole her husband away (that would be LeAnn Rimes, of course). She's loud, brash, often half nude, and always seems a little bit champagne buzzed. It's easy to playfully say she is a hot mess, but friends say Brandi may be spiraling out of control.

Things have certainly gone from scandalous to scary in recent days. While out in Hollywood on Monday night, she got so drunk, she was falling all over her companion, barely able to stand. Even worse, she didn't notice that her dress was coming off and that she was flashing both her boobs and her butt. It was absolutely mortifying.

Now people in her inner-circle have told Radar Online that she may be in serious trouble. “Brandi has a lot going on right now, and anyone close to her and really knows her well knows that Monday night wasn’t funny at all,” said one pal. “We’re all seriously concerned for her right now. It’s bad. Something like Monday night can’t happen again.”

That kind of trashy behavior certainly overshadows the fact that she is a loving and dedicated mom. But it's easy to see why Brandi may be going off the deep end. Her husband left her for another woman, she has waged a public war against that woman, and her so-called friends (aka Real Housewives castmates) are always attacking her. It's not an easy place to be in emotionally. Hopefully her real friends will step up and give her the support she needs.

What do you think of Brandi's behavior?


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Elaine Cox

real trouble

Coleen Caterino Scampini

She will be fine....let her have some fun. Geez people, mind your own Beeswax!


Chris Collette

Lisa is one of her best friends and will steer her clear of the trouble that is suggested in this article. She will be just fine.

tuscani tuscani

OMMG! If it weren't for her antics and her ongoing fued with LeAnn none of would give a Rat's about wither of them. They are playing us to keep themsevles relevant. Sure, Brandi probably dot out of hand. I'm totally not surprised. And what the hell is she doing to her face! I used to think she was gorgeous when I first saw her...Now she's had what look like so many fllers that she resembles a damn Blowfish!. Brandi, Knock it of!. You were gorgeous before that shit. Maybe LeAnn needs it..God knows she was not blessed with the stunning looks you were..But don't throw them away! You looked better before. Lay off. The Fillers and the booze and the whatever and be the respectable yet fun-loving gal we all know you can be.

mimmi... mimmie123

Or was she drunk .If not for bad press she would have none ! Now the housewifes over & she is back 2 being a nobody I have a feeling it is driving her nuts.She is always starting some kind of scene to make sure the camera's r always on her at every party in every situation .It was problay all a show .

Jo Ann G. Hosek


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