Robert Pattinson Is Reportedly Avoiding Kristen Stewart in His Smartest Move Yet

robert pattinsonMuch like the Twilight films that made them famous, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's breakup is turning into quite a saga. The latest? Rob refuses to see the onetime love of his life.

Since he moved out of the home they shared on May 16, the pair reportedly have not met up once. As a result, sources say Kristen is even more heartbroken, drowning her sorrows in Hot Pockets and listening to Van Morrison.

Well, as harsh as it may seem, Rob is totally doing the right thing. This is the only way for either of them to move on. A clean break is best. Think about it -- when you've been in a long-term relationship with someone, it's hard to pick up the pieces of a broken heart and move forward if that person is still hovering in your life.

I have seen it countless times. Your BFF finally calls it quits with her boyfriend, but she can't stop thinking about him or really get to know any other guy because her ex is still hanging around. It just extends the breakup and heartache. Rob is doing the right thing. If Kristen is smart, she'd want to steer clear too.

Can you blame Rob for avoiding Kristen?


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nonmember avatar Rmd

You guys have serious problems and I'm referring to you guys at stirs and the whole of holly wood I have something for u guys to go do FIND GOD!

Katelyn Joyner

No like it or not he's acting with both of there better intentions in mined, regardless of How a readership start off in the Honeymoon days if your feels changes it's through actions such as thoserelilaship  that she was in he heart not in the rfellowship anymore, but not a person of equal footing to say I need to moove on to see other people, and she snug around to have her cake and eat it to.  I have to say I amire her for everything but not the fact that she committed  adultery and the fact Rob could not get passed it doesn't surprise me in the least, Sorry I love Twilight to but I think it's time to say Team ROBSTEN That's A Rap.

johnn... johnny4ever

Better off without her

nonmember avatar Mk

They can't live without each other I bet u guys that they'll get back together who wants to make this bet with me

nonmember avatar Jean Pace

Even if they do get back together, how long do you think it will last? Its over. People make mistakes but that was one heck of a mistake of cheating and he would always be wondering if she was cheating while they were apart. He has made the right decision.

Wileen Byroads

I love Rob and hate to see him hurting so bad.  I want to go get him.  Bring him home and pamper him.  He needs to be LOVED and HELD!kiss

nonmember avatar heidi

good for robert move on love i support you 100%. ;)

Charlotte Naron

He has been loved and held by several women since the breakup. What chu talkin about? Rob has not had time to be lonely.First Katy,then blonds,then dark haired lady coming out of hotel him looking smashed,then red head. There are more I am sure.He's NOT been lonely!!!Kristen on the other hand has been in pain and heartache. Her first love and her bff's at the same time. Is that right on any scale??Rob was with Katy BEFORE he and Kristen broke up. Feel sorry for him"" Heck no!!He did just a bad if not worse than Kristen did last summer. She did not go spend a week at the pervs home or go to meet his parents. I would have loved to have seen them back together at one time,but now that I see Rob's true self not on your life. Good luck to Kristen and her new movies. Rob's will stink just like the last 3. Taylor is Kristen's BEST FRIEND he is always there for her .UM Taylor and Kristen? Why not??

clare... clarendon64

Spot on Charlotte, I agree 100% with your comment Robert Pattersons only interest is in himself.His EGO has got way out of hand, and now he uses people for his own benefit, so that his name is always in the media.People were fooled by his good looks,and role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight, movies,but that is fading & Robert Patterson,the actor is not so nice,he cant decide what to do next to make himself look good to the media and his fans,that a falling by the way side

nonmember avatar Hilary

I with agree with both Charlotte Naron and clarendon64 Kristen is better off without RPRATZ. He is only interested in himself and i think very jealous of Kristen. Taylor knows them both well and if he is 110% behind Kristen - it says a lot about the situation. Go Kristen. Team Kristen all the way!

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