Robert Pattinson Apparently 'Can't Commit' to Reported Rebound Girl Riley Keough

Robert PattinsonWhether or not they are actually dating has yet to be confirmed, but there are already rumors going around that Robert Pattinson is afraid to get serious with Riley Keough -- the "rebound" girl he's been spotted hanging out with after his split from Kristen Stewart.

I mean, the two of them allegedly played a friendly game of ping-pong together, so we have to assume they're pretty hot and heavy, right?

Ugh. Wrong.


Whatever Rob and Riley are up to these days, I highly doubt it's anything to get excited about. Let me repeat -- she's his rebound girl (if there is really anything going on between them at all, of course).

How many dudes do you know who jump right into another relationship after breaking up with someone they dated for years? Duh. Rob is probably only interested in one thing right now, and it definitely doesn't have anything to do with settling down with another girlfriend, if you catch my drift.

And if Kristen is at all upset about Rob getting cozy with Riley, she can rest assured that their little (alleged) romance isn't going to go anywhere.

Although, based on the fact that she's going about her summer and having a great time even though she's single, it doesn't appear as though Kristen is crying into her pillow over who Rob might be dating. You gotta love what Celeb Dirty Laundry had to say about the rumors that she's upset about Riley. "All of them also make it seem like Kristen Stewart is incredibly betrayed by this whole situation, when in reality she’s probably just getting baked 24/7."


But whoever Rob dates after he gets the whole rebound thing out of his system is another story. That's the girl KStew should go ahead and worry about -- because odds are good she'll earn the highly coveted title of Rob's new girlfriend.

Let's face it, he's a relationship dude. And even though it will likely take him some time to fully get over Kristen, eventually he'll want to move on and find a nice woman to share his life with. If I had to guess, I'd say by this time next year, Rob will probably have a pretty hot ticket on his arm, and we'll be planning their wedding and naming their future kids just like we did with Kristen. (And something tells me her name definitely won't be Riley.)

How long do you think it will take Rob to get serious with someone again?


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