Henry Cavill Is Already Single Again Because He Made a Classic Dating Mistake

Henry CavillSuperman is single again. So is the possible future Mr. Christian Grey. Reportedly, the scrumptious Henry Cavill has split with Kaley Cuoco, the actress from Big Bang Theory. Which is kinda weird because in the past couple of weeks, they've been seen all over town together hand in hand. Hiking, eating sushi, and grocery shopping together. Hell, you don't go grocery shopping with someone unless you're serious! And don't they look cute grocery shopping together??

But if the relationship truly is kaput, it points to a classic dating danger: Getting involved with someone you had a crush on from afar. Both Kaley and Henry had given hints that the two were already crushing on each other before they began dating and that can spell disaster.

Kaley posted a photo of herself on Twitter, before the two were reportedly dating, of her sitting next to a Man of Steel poster, gazing adoringly into Henry's superhero eyes. And a source told US Weekly that Henry "always wanted to date" Kaley.

Methinks this was a case of falling for the fantasy and then realizing the reality didn't quite match up. We've all done it. You see someone you are attracted to and then begin filling in the blanks with your imagination. If you want to sleep with him, then you begin justifying that desire by imagining he's a great guy with a wonderful sense of humor who loves kids and puppies. But get to know him a little bit, and you realize he's kind of a dumb douche who lies and flirts with other women.

I'm not saying that is what happened with Kaley -- Henry is probably not a dumb douche. But it's definitely difficult to start off a relationship with an idealized fantasy of what someone is like because that person is inevitably going to disappoint your expectations. At the end of the day, we're all human, and human beings have flaws. Maybe Kaley thought he WAS Superman and he thought she WAS her character from TV.

In fact, sources say that their passion "fizzled" after a few weeks. Smacks of too high expectations.

Of course, some crushes are so dementedly gung-ho that you simply cannot and will not see past your fantasy even if the person is totally not that vision at all. He's that to you. To everyone else, we're just baffled what you see in him.

The quickness of this split makes me think that the two of them went from infatuated to disillusioned. And they did it faster than a speeding bullet. Oh, well, at least they got some hot sex out of it. Hopefully.

Have you ever dated a crush and been disappointed?


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nonmember avatar Ella Mentary

Yeah...and sadly I married mine. Marry in haste......

Wendi Beehler Shute

Henry Cavil  for playing Christian Grey...YES< YES< YES!!!!!!


CLM3345 CLM3345

This is one of those times I feel kinda bad for celebs. They went on a few dates and it didn't work, but it's made into such a huge deal in the media.

nonmember avatar Ruth

I had a huge crush on this guy from my church for years. After I went to college and actually got to know him a little. I didn't even consider dating him. My fantasy was so far from reality. He was so full of himself and that was a turn off.


If you're not saying that's what happened, don't say it.

Sharon H. Aldridge

He is sexy but I still think Ian is better for the part of Christian Grey

nonmember avatar Sabrina

Kinda funny, cause it's sort of true. But, I'm just really curious to know where the grocery shop. lol

nonmember avatar Geona

I once had a crush on an older man who looked like michael keaton (batman days) and he was so good looking, he pretty much went thru our entire town of women. I was in my early 20's and he in his 30s.. Well, being the playa, he never commited to anyone or settled down, then one day, he got old & after nights upon nights of hitting the bars, he became a bad alcoholic.... As for me, i had moved to the big city & hadnt seen him in years. I came home to visit, we met up to hang out & he totally reminded me that he was my "Batman" and how after all these years, he was still single MAYBE just for me..... Yeah i was disappointed.... And i passed on being with my no-job-alkie-washed-up Batman and met my wonderful "knight in shining armor" husband living happily ever after! Tho i i hope he finds the same too someday. :)

Rmlupin Rmlupin

Possibly attributed to her apparent clingy nature, looked like she was latched onto his arms at all times (not that I blame her). My condolences, Kaley. 

nonmember avatar night magic


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