Willow Smith's New Video for 'Summer Fling' Blasted for Being Too Sexy (VIDEO)

Willow SmithWillow Smith's new song "Summer Fling" and its video are under fire. Seeing as how Willow herself is just 12, people are saying it's much too sexy and inappropriate for a girl of her age to sing of flings and these kinds of things.

I'm no proponent of promiscuous tweens and the sexualization of children, but after viewing it several times, I have to say I think people are totally overreacting. In fact, the thing I find most disturbing about it is the bizarre, inexplicable English accent she uses. The rest is as inappropriate as you want to make it.


The lyrics are pretty mild with verses like:

We walk the beach at midnight, and watch the stars in the clear skies. We both say I love you, but it’s alright… If you wanna talk I guess that’s alright, if you wanna walk under the night sky, I don’t really care cause we got tonight, oh baby…

Many, however, think they're outrageous. Human behavior expert Patrick Wanis told Fox that her parents are "irresponsible and verging on negligent by failing to fulfill their role as parents." He went on to say:

Willow is singing about having sex and this is totally inappropriate and not in line with the developmental physical, mental or emotional stages of a 12 year old girl who is barely an adolescent; the video reveals that she is still a little girl – not a teenager. She is not mature enough mentally or emotionally to be boasting that she and her ‘fling’ are walking ‘the beach at midnight.

While midnight is pretty late for a 12-year-old to be out, there's nothing all that suggestive of anything other than love and romance, which are definitely on the minds of many 12-year-olds. The fact is that these attractions start early -- they're a part of life, especially for tweens. What is not definite, however, is their definition of a fling.

While we may hear "do it anyway" and think of doing IT, to a 12-year-old that's probably (hopefully) first kisses in most cases. Some, of course, are thinking and doing more, but this video has little to do with that.

I mean she's not gyrating and thrusting her hips; she's wearing overalls and playing on a swing set. It's not like the bikini picture Kylie Jenner recently posted of herself that's so overtly and desperately sexual. I see a big difference between the two. This is a catchy little summer song that speaks to dreams of summer lovin' -- whatever you version of that may be  -- and It just doesn't come off as all that sexual or inappropriate . Besides, Willow can't just whip her hair around forever.

Seriously though, what is up with that English accent?

Watch for yourself and see what you think.

Do you think this video is too sexual for a 12-year-old to be in?
Image via MelodicChaoticMusic/YouTube


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