Alexander Skarsgard Is Single. I Repeat, Alexander Skarsgard Is Single.

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Are you happy? Maybe a little bit? Maybe not enough. Maybe NOT AT ALL. That sucks, but check it: Starting now, you gonna be HAPPYHAPPYHAPPY. All the livelong day, and do you know why?? Because I was right. I WAS RIGHT!!! About the very most important thing there ever was to be right about, which is ... ALEXANDER SKARSGARD. IS. NOT. DATING. ELLEN PAGE!!! 

Now that whole Thai food incident makes sense, eh?? (I told you. I did, I really did.) Anyway. Maybe they should have cast Alexander Skarsgard as The Lone(ly) Ranger instead of that baking soda guy. EH?! Um, but back to my point about ASkars and that irrelevant chick being a non-issue: Alexander Skarsgard said so his damn self! As he recently told OK! Magazine's German edition:

"Ellen Page und ich sind nur Freunde."

AHAHAHA! You don't speak German, do you? Here, you non-German speaker:

"Ellen and I are friends. If I was really dating every woman I've been linked to, I would never be out of bed!"

"Besides, dating actresses is hard. They usually don't have time for things like that. When they do have time, then it's me who's standing in front of a camera somewhere else. Also, I don't treat a new film set as an opportunity to score some dates!"

See, see?? There you have it. Short people got no reason to live. Wait, chill! It's a song, okay?? A SONG ... about ELLEN PAGE. NO NO! Kidding, I swear. But the part about Alexander Skarsgard and that small girl not dating really is true. As far as we know. I mean, I guess he could be lying just to get people like me to shut the hell up, but I bet he's telling the truth. Because that's what Swedish people do. I think. Somebody said that once. YAY!

Do you think Alexander Skarsgard is telling the truth about not dating Ellen Page?


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nonmember avatar kaerae

@Sara - You're being too generous. Maybe 11.

nonmember avatar Kristi

Because like now you have like have a chance with him? Fer sure you should like totally call him up or something!! Maybe you could like get some like froyo or like a mocha-crappa-stupi-ccino!!

Mommy... MommyBoha

I think I don't care

nonmember avatar Leslie

I agree with all the comments..besides what's with at the Ellen Page hate? Wtf! No reason to put that short comment in there either, and i myself am a tall person. No reason to put that "song" lyric in there. Short peeps have no reason to live because Alexander skarsgard ( stop abbreviating names btw for the love of god!!) Isn't dating one ? Sounded dumb.

Lisukah Lisukah

I prefer Alcide anyways

nonmember avatar Abigail

People always go out of their way to tell you that you sound immature, but why do they keep reading what you write then? And for the record, I think he and Ellen just don't make sense together (regardless of height) - she's too extreme and uptight, he seems way more laid back than she. But whatever works for him, even hot actors deserve happy relationships ;)

nonmember avatar Nica

You all are serious boneheads. HES DATING LUCY GRIFFITHS. Ya know Nora from true blood. His "lonely solo thai food" lunch wasnt lonely at all. There are pics of it...hes on a double date with Lucy and another guy and girl. He flew into LA on a flight with her. He's into her.....sorry to bust the bubble but I researched it....and trust me, I wish it wasn't true but it's obvious it is. :(

Ma Barker

He is a cutie and deserves to date whom ever he likes. The guy who plays Alcide is a douche and is an arrogant prick to his fans, even the paying ones. As for Ellen or Lucy, both are very cute, and if he is happy with either one, good for him.

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