'Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoilers: New Image of Daryl Dixon Has Us Intrigued (VIDEO)

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Walking Dead season 4Hey, remember how I was just joking about how I probably write about The Walking Dead, like, WAY too much? Well I hope you didn't pay for the full seat today because you're only going to need the edge: it's time for another Walking Dead post.

I'm sorry, I would normally space these out so they don't happen more than once a week because I know we all have other things to discuss, like whether or not that poor Justin Bieber kid can afford a urinal (won't somebody think of the spoiled, ill-behaved, overly privileged popstar children?), but AMC has just released an image from season 4 that you absolutely HAVE to see.

Hint: it involves Daryl Dixon and a mysterious new fashion accessory.

Okay, let's start with the much-hyped promise that the zombie threat will be amped up bigtime in season 4. This has been teased by numerous members of cast and crew, with actor Norman Reedus saying,

They’ve introduced a way to make zombies scary again, and they’re terrifying. The new threat is just unreal. I can’t of course tell you what that is, but it’s brilliant writing.

My theory is that we're going to see zombie herds in season 4, and if that's true it's possible that Daryl will be needing something with a little more oomph than his crossbow. Here's what Reedus recently told Kevin Smith:

The problem with the crossbow is that if there is a bunch of things to kill in front of me, you know, it’s boom, boom, load it in camera, then you’ve got to drop it out, throw the arrow on the ground, pick it back up, then it’s a digital arrow. But to do all that real quick is real taxing.

Reedus also said,

Yeah, it’s a fun weapon, and everybody looks cool holding a crossbow. It’s not a M-16.

Or more specifically, an M-16 with a high capacity magazine that Norman Reedus looks amazingly hot while shooting:

That video was reportedly captured at the end of June, so I'm guessing that season 4 will feature Daryl Dixon wielding a lot more firepower than he has in the past. After all, if you have to take out a crowd of flesh-eating zombies, you probably want yourself a gol-durned machine gun.

(It's worth noting, however, that firing in full auto mode likely wouldn't be very effective at all in terms of picking off accurate headshots. Daryl's method should be to fire short bursts at a time, military-style.)

(Gah, how pedantic was THAT? Shut up, self.)

Finally, here's the intriguing new image AMC released to Entertainment Weekly:

Everyone wants to know what's up with the bandana, and some are wondering if it indicates that Daryl will be wounded or scarred in season 4. Personally, I'm thinking it's unlikely the network would screw up that pretty face of his. My guess is that he's wearing it to stave off smoke, the stench of dead bodies, or to keep bugs out of his teeth while he's on his motorcycle. Or maybe it's to protect him from the spraying fluids of machine-gunned walkers.

Whatever the reason is, let's just agree on the fact that Daryl Dixon has the magical ability to make ANY accessory look sexy as hell, including ponchos, bandanas, and squirrel pelts.

Why do you think Daryl Dixon is wearing a bandana in this season 4 promo image?

Image via AMC/Entertainment Weekly

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zombi... zombiemommy916

Don't forget the ear-necklace...definitely my favorite Daryl Dixon accessory

nonmember avatar Kaycee

I am so excited for season 4 and I really enjoy your

Walking dead posts do not worry about spacing them out 😊. Daryl MF Dixon is probably wearing a bandana after he cleared a whole heard of walkers and now they seem to want to remember the rotten smell.

katyd... katydid620

I agree with your guess about the stench of dead bodies. I cannot wait until October!!

nonmember avatar Austin

My guess is since they said they are itroducing a new way for the zombies to be scary is that they begin decaying and the infection becomes airborne therefor he must protect himself from the airborne bacteria. Just a guess....

nonmember avatar Jen

You could do HOURLY WD posts and I'd be a happy girl! I love the thought of making the zombies a bigger threat in the new episodes. All of the characters have become such seasoned killing machines that walkers didn't seem like that big of a deal anymore. I think that element will bring more excitement to the show...well, that and anything that has to do with Daryl and his messy emo-do and sleeve-less shirts!

Melis... Melissa1508

*drools like Homer Simpson*  Thanks for the vid.  I agree with @Austin...airborne zombie nastiness! 

Sheilah Horman

What bandana?  All I can see are those 'guns' of his.  *drool*

nonmember avatar John

Maybe Darryl is being held captive? His arm is back almost like he's restrained. Could spell trouble...

nonmember avatar Jane

I dont like the idea of daryl without his crossbow and a machne gun would be very hard to find in a zom-pocolipse not to mention loud and unaccurate. But concerning another comment ombies were only supposed to be a threat at the start of the series as in the comics later on they realise people are far more dangerous

nonmember avatar Janjo

The bandana is the new poncho!

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