A Jenelle Evans Sex Tape Could Happen if Her Boyfriend’s Price Is Met

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jenelle evansWell, well, well. Looks like Jenelle Evans' new boyfriend, Nathan Griffin, isn't as great as we initially thought. When we first heard that Jenelle was dating someone who wasn't crackhead-esque and -- gasp -- had a job, I think we all felt a small twinge of delight. Sure, pretty much everything about Jenelle leaves something to be desired, but wouldn't it be nice to see her with her act together and in a healthy relationship?

Yeah, doesn't look like that that's going to happen with her latest man. This dude is Shady Sketcherstein. Griffith said he'd make a sex tape with Jenelle -- for the right price.

Jenelle, I think it's time for you to say, "Next."

When a fan recently asked Jenelle if she'd consider making a sex tape a la Farrah Abraham style, she simply responded with "Nah." But Nathan expressed a different sentiment. "If they give us a million dollars, we might do it. Yeah," he wrote. Gross. And weird. And why is he answering questions directed at Jenelle?! It kind of sounds like someone may be using the Teen Mom star for his five minutes.

When I first heard about Nathan, I was all about him. Okay, I wasn't all about him, but I was glad to see he wasn't Courtland Rogers. But then there was the story of him getting wasted and telling a Wendy's drive-through worker that he and Jenelle were "f*cking hammered". Now there's this. This dude is sounding more and more like a joke, and each day that passes, I'm a little bit less of a fan.

Jenelle, you be wary, girl. Just because dude doesn't have a record that reads like a grocery list doesn't mean he's good people. Sleep with one eye open, friend.

What do you think of this Nathan character?


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Elaine Cox

so he is the joke? what is she

nonmember avatar waspokey

You spend way too much time writing about these Teen Mom losers. Stop glamourizing them as celebrities!

nonmember avatar kaerae

Wow, it's gotten pretty bad when Jenelle isn't even the trashiest teen mom anymore...
And @waspokey - You are not the Chinese government, if you don't like it, don't click on it, quit acting like hall monitor.

Kimberly Roberts Brown

I was apart of this chat she was hosting over the weekend. I remember this fan asking her this question..this chick is headed no where fast and her boyfriend is disrespectful as she is

Kimberly Reese

This guy is a joke, Jenelle focus back on your son, mom, and school. Let love find you when you get it together

Simpl... SimplyEnchanted

No clue who the dude is and I think Janelle is a fruitcake bit maybe since Farrah was mentioned he might have been being sarcastic. Farrah said at first the tape was private but might would sell it for a couple million. Maybe he was mocking Farrah

nonmember avatar Chelsea

She is her own woman she is going to do whats she wants and i dont think she is going to listen to any of us. But if she ever wants her child back she needs to get her head out of her ass and grow the hell up. I think for right now she is better off alone. Maybe she will grow up a little bit that way but from what i have seen of her, i dont think there is going to be any growing up from her any time soon. Poor girl i think she would be a great mom if she would just change her ways and care more for her son

Heather Anders

I was also a part of this chat..it wasn't that big of a deal, you could clearly tell Nathan was just joking around. Give the girl a break. She seems to be heading down the right path.

Tracey Roloff

NO ONE WANTS TO WATCH YOU HAVE SEX!!! We can do it ourselves and get mirrors or our own if that was the need!! Grow up and find a different and more professional way to make money!!!!

Tracey Roloff

or our own CAMERA*** STUPID PPL!

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