Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend Thinks His Love Is Her New Drug of Choice

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jenelle evans nathan griffithIt's nothing but tough love for Teen Mom Jenelle Evans. Her latest boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, is clean and sober: No smoking, drinking, or drugs. And he has high expectations for her, too. Nathan says he'll dump Jenelle if she does drugs. "She knows if she even dares doing any drug around me or me finding out, she's gone. I don't play those games sorry." That's some major incentive for Jenelle to stay clean herself, right?

But will it work? I don't know. Given Jenelle's history, I think it's going to take more than tough love for her to stay on the wagon.

Look at her past relationships -- they've all been pretty volatile. Things with Nathan may be great now, but sooner or later, she's going to blow a fuse. How will he handle it when she wakes him up by throwing a phone at his head? Because that's something she's done! If Nathan gets angry and fights back, that could trigger a relapse for Jenelle.

I think Nathan needs to be aware of all of Jenelle's triggers and be thinking ahead of them so he can give her the support she needs before she goes running for the drugs again. And that's going to take a lot of patience and thoughtfulness. We don't know Nathan well yet, so it's hard to know if he's got it in him.

Being in a relationship with a former addict is challenging. Being in a relationship with a former addict who happens to be Jenelle Evans? Ho ho ho, that's exponentially harder. Nate, you're watching past episodes of Teen Mom, right? And reading Jenelle's tweeting history? Just want to make sure you know what you're getting into here.

Do you think Nathan's ultimatum will keep Jenelle off drugs for good?


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nonmember avatar S

Sometimes, we just need some tough love in order to realize things in life. Perhaps he just may have the time and the patience, but in the end, she is better off seeking therapy, or drug counseling to better the odds of a sober life. She's young, she has yet a lot of growing up to do.

nonmember avatar NA

If he really wants her to stay clean he won't get mad when she does.. she's been to rehab a few times if I remember and they never worked, had abusive drugged induced relationships.. who knows his ultimatum could either help or hurt her again. Guess we'll just have to see.. Besides if she does stay sober and clean then it will help her with seeing her son and maybe MAYBE one day being a mother again... or at least in his life in a GOOD way instead of a bad way.

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