Emily Maynard’s New Boyfriend Sounds Way Better Than Any Guy on ‘The Bachelorette’

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emily maynardLooks like Emily Maynard is finally getting the happy ending she always wanted -- and without the help of a cheesy dating show like The Bachelorette or Bachelor. Just last month, we reported that Emily was dating someone. She was pretty coy about details on her guy at first, but Emily is finally opening up about her new love.

No one would argue that the road to romance has been rocky for Emily. Her first love dies unexpectedly. Then there were those two disastrous engagements we watched her get ensnared in on a reality show. But it seems that she has learned her lesson about high-profile -- and made for TV -- relationships.

"I've known him for a long time," she revealed when asked about her new boyfriend. "I met him far before I did the show." They both live in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina and have been dating for a little over six months. He is reportedly a local consultant to car dealerships (whatever that means) and even goes to the same church.

He sounds absolutely perfect -- but not in the abs-and-eyes-to-die-for kind of way. Rather, he seems to be a genuinely awesome guy who will enjoy a quiet, low-key life with her. He already comes off as a far better pick than any of those bachelors she weeded through. This is more proof that you are better off finding love the old fashioned way than going on that train wreck of a show. The only thing it promises is more heartbreak and humiliation. Let’s just hope this time it turns into lasting love.

Do you think a regular, hometown guy is better for Emily?

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Sandra Blake

Good for her.  I hope everything works out.  And I hope grandpa Hendrick approves or it wont last.


Roberta Howard

Poor guy.... Don't walk   RUN>......

Sandra Blake

I think first, if the Bachelorette is 'cheesy' you probably helped make it that way with your reportings that are never quite like you write them. 

Good for EMILY.  Everyone deserves happiness.  I only hope for her sake, the Hendricks like him too.  If not, he wont be around long.

Joanne Hintz

She deserves love and happiness. Church is a much better way to go!  Congrats to you and your man!! 

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