Fabulous Rocker Joining 'Glee' Season 5 Cast -- YES!

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Glee Season 5It's been a while since we've had a juicy Glee casting rumor. Now that the show's in the off-season, we've been subjected to following our favorite songsters in their everyday lives. Hello, did you see Lea Michele's rockin' bikini bod on her vacation last weekend? Well, I have good news, my fellow Gleeks. Very good news in fact.

Seems that a MAJOR celebrity is joining the Glee cast for season 5, and it sounds like the rockstar is going to be a regular! Some new action? Yes please! Not to worry, I won't keep you in suspense for that much longer. The major rocker joining the cast is ...

American Idol runnerup Adam Lambert!

I know. I was excited, too. To be real, there are tons of celebrities that I can see fitting into the Glee puzzle in some way. Kate Hudson last season, she was amazing! But everything about Adam Lambert and this particular show makes sense. The show has been very pro gay rights since the beginning, and it's no secret that Adam is out, proud, and an activist. He's gonna fit right in!

Dare I say it, could Adam end up being a new love interest for Kurt (Chris Colfer) or Blaine (Darren Criss)?! I mean, heck, I'm a Blaine and Kurt couple fan just like the rest of you, but a little third-wheelin' would make for an excellent storyline.

Are you excited to see Adam Lambert join the cast in season 5?


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nonmember avatar J

no I am not happy at all about Mr. Lambert if he is indeed joining Glee. I believe that there should be a separation in FOX shows........ and NO I am not thrilled about him being a new love interest for Kurt or Blain.... They are wonderful people and I just hope they dont ruin the show this season....-Disgruntled Fan...

grmnv... grmnvixen

I hope not. Can't STAND him.

nonmember avatar aimee

i love kurt and blaine as a couple but iI think adam would be a great addition to the show

SaphireH SaphireH

love intrest nope. but omg i cant wait and neither can my 3 old daughter, we love him like crazy!!!

there... theresaphilly

Are on crack or did I just hear you call Adam Lambert a famous rocker? PAHLEASE, you need to get out more. He is no famous rocker, had no hits, received no awards and folks do not desire to see him. Please stop the madness.


 Please do not call this person a rocker .I'm old school classic rock and that is just a fucking insult!

SaphireH SaphireH

i desire to see him, adam is amazing and "has won no awards" um yeah he has this shows his wins.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_awards_and_nominations_received_by_Adam_Lambert

nonmember avatar Brandi

No! Wasn't a fan of his on American Idol and I'm still not a fan. Maybe his acting is better than his singing...

Chelsea Underwood

No no no. This show started off with people that weren't household names and now it's turning into Smash where they hope to get any and all big names on the show. I don't mind guest stars cause they've always been amazing (JSP, Britney, Kate Hudson) but to have one as a REGULAR? No thanks! And how do we know he can event act? Yes, he can sing, but that doesn't mean he can hold a scene or show emotion. He has such a big presence that if this rumor is true, I REALLY hope his character is nothing like him and he tones down the personality.

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