The Next 'Bachelor': Jef Holm & 10 Other Guys Who May Get the Gig (PHOTOS)

Emily Maynard & Jef Holm

This is either going to make you really mad or incredibly excited. Supposedly Jef Holm is in talks to be the next Bachelor. Yep, a source says he's chatting with ABC about the possibility of taking on the role, which shouldn't come as a huge surprise since there's been speculation about him landing the gig for quite some time now.

I haven't exactly been shy about the fact that I have a sweet spot for Jef with one "F" -- so I can get behind him being the Bachelor for sure. (He's adorbs. I don't care what anyone says.)

But while he'd probably be a safe bet for ABC, there are quite a few other guys who would be perfect for the role as well.

Check out these photos to see 10 other dudes who ABC should seriously consider as the next Bachelor.


Image via ABC

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youth... youthfulsoul

Jef is not a catch. I hope he's not the next bachelor. I doubt I could watch.

nonmember avatar honey

My guess is Juan Pablo... they've barely featured him on the season, yet he keeps making it through. Maybe they'll do another european season, he'd be a hottie!!!!!

Paula Manrow

i'd like to see Chris be the next Bachelor , then who would run his show lol

nonmember avatar Lori Groce

1-yes, 2-no, 3-NO, 4-yes, 5-maybe, 6-maybe, 7-yes, 8-yes, 9-yes, 10-yes

Charlessa Coats Springberg

Oh i am all for Val!!!! i could watch hijm all day... derek hough would be great too.. he is quirky and fun to watch.

Ann Pisaniello

Arie Luyendyk Jr !!! Would make , the " Greatest Bachloer " ... ever , being , having , such " Deep Deep , Love Connection !!! Arie , is ... " Every Girls Dream !!! Arie , needs to , find ... The " Same Deep , Love " , he , shared , with ... Emily !!! This , was my , very first , Bachloer , ever !!!

Rosa Blaze

I vote for Arie to be the next Bachelor..

Jennifer Fraley-Williams

ARIE!!!! No question about it he would be the BEST!!! I wouldn't put any of the guys from this season because this has been one of the worst seasons ever....tooo boring. Also don't want Jef either.

nonmember avatar julie

Arie or juan pablo would be outstanding bachelors if they won't pick someone new who has never been on the show before. Someone new would be ultimate choice.

Carol Cromer

Two pop out for me - Arie and Juan Pablo.  But Arie is my first choice by a mile.


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