Justin Bieber Calls Bill Clinton to Apologize & Gets a Priceless 'Talking To'

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Justin BieberJustin Bieber may quickly be making himself into an annoying laughing stock -- but one thing is for sure, the kid still has pull. After videotape of him pissing into a mop bucket and spraying a photo of President Bill Clinton with cleaner and yelling, "F**k Bill Clinton!" emerged, he's being humbled -- by the former Prez himself! Reports say that Bill and Justin had a heart-to-heart over the phone (not even via Twitter!) and Justin apologized for his insult. Bubba reportedly forgave him. All of which makes me wonder ... doesn't Bill have better things to do?

A source says that Justin rang up the former Prez (what the hell? does he happen to have his number in his cell?) and "apologized for what happened on the TMZ video," according to US Weekly.

Apparently the two are cool now, with Bill telling the pissing crooner:

If that is the worst thing you have ever done, all is well.

Hey, the former hamburger-and-cigar-lovin' prez has surely had worse said to him than what Bieber did. Still, it was pretty awesome of him to be so cool about it, right? He knows Hillary needs the Biebs on his side if those fans about to turn 18 are going to help her get to the White House.

Still, I'm sort of disappointed that these two are chatting. Bill should be in, like, Africa, or something, helping people, not taking this little douchebag's calls.

But Bubba had some good advice for Bieber, apparently telling him to "watch his friends" -- an allusion to whomever took the video and then gave it to the press. 'Cause you know the government loves to watch people!

Bill also counseled Biebs to focus on "the good [he] does in the world." And by that I don't think he means the "good" he does by relieving himself into a mop bucket. Biebs also offered to help Clinton with his charity foundation -- because you just know he is dying to piss in Davos!

I'm wondering if there was some kind of brief Monica/Selena chat. Wait, Justin isn't old enough to know Monica. And I doubt he reads history books. Still, it sounds like these two had a friendly encounter and perhaps now Biebs is rethinking his idiotic ways.

He was so excited about the call, he tweeted out to his fans:

thanks for taking the time to talk Mr. President. Your words meant alot. #greatguy

Hmm. I'm surprised he didn't add that the former prez is a "belieber."

Do you think Justin will listen to Bill Clinton and clean up his act?

Image via Daniel Ogren/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Lizzie Borden

He should be apologizing to the poor soul who had to clean up his piss. What a disgusting piece of shit, I can t wait until he ends up like the rest of these flavor-of-the-month teen idols: broke and forgotten. This little asswipe is going to end up killing someone with his speeding vehicle, hopefully just himself.

Rando... Randomlady

This was quite the hate filled article. And what exactly is a former president supposed to be doing? Helping Africa? I think all these politicians should be focusing on number 1 first and foremost, and then if we have any extra resources try to help our allies. I am not talking about getting Obama's brother elected over there in Africa either, but those miliions of dollars we gave him was a nice gift, I hope he signed all of America's name on that card. If anyone running for president really has to play nice with these "celebrities" catering to teeny-boppers for presidency then I think we have a lot to be worried about as a society.

Elaine Cox

a talking to from an accused rapist,sex harasser and cheat...priceless

Rando... Randomlady

Elaine, as far as politicians went he was actually a very good one for the people. What you described is typical of politicians, not sure you've read a newspaper.

nonmember avatar Rach

As I said I the original article about the peeing in a mop bucket, the kid is a tool.
But of course he thinks he's great, because people tell him he's great.

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