Farrah Abraham Leaves Rehab Just in Time to Catch a Sex Show

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Farrah Abraham at rehabWhen Farrah Abraham entered rehab, we were holding out hope that the Teen Mom was ready to right her path. Oh were we wrong. So, so wrong. Not only does it look like Farrah was kicked out of The Lukens Institute in Palm Beach Gardens early, but it appears she planned her rehab stay around a sex expo!

So much for the better choices Farrah said she wanted to make when she signed up for the (less than) two-week stint in rehab!

The length of time someone is in rehab tends to depend on what the facility suggests and/or what a patient can afford. Lukens advertises a two-week to one-month program. Farrah didn't reach either goal, although she was supposed to be there at least two days longer ... and she's claiming she completed the program.

It's becoming clear just why Farrah chose an in-and-out rehab stint: the Teen Mom star turned porn star will be appearing in Chicago at the Exxxotica sex expo.

The expo opens on July 12.

She entered rehab on June 30.

You do the math.

It sounds like Farrah just wanted to put in some face-time at rehab before she got back to peddling porn. And you know what else it sound like?

It sounds like a PR move, not a commitment to changing her life.

The sex expo may not have anything to do with her alcohol issues, but sadly Farrah is headed right back into the ego-fueling world that has created her problems in the first place. The porn industry is not a real world, and this hype over her fame (and her body) is not going to sustain her for life.

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What Farrah really needs to do if she wants to cut the negativity and make good choices is to back out of the limelight. She needs to find something stable and life-sustaining, something more like her restaurant and food goals of a year ago (could it be that recent?).

But that means actually completing a program. And we see what Farrah thinks it means to complete something ...

Do you think Farrah's trip to rehab was a legitimate attempt to clean up her life or just a publicity stunt?


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nonmember avatar kaerae

She was ORDERED to rehab for having a shitty attitude at her court-ordered alcohol eval., who would that give you hope? She won't change. Girl has a personality disorder or two, not alcoholism. She needs YEARS, not days, of therapy.

nonmember avatar Laura

Please get your dirty ass out of chicago!
I dont want u here!

Danielle Johnson Lewis

This is horrible! Her issues stem from her family but that doesn't change the fact that she needs serious help!

Dana Gibson

sounds like she needs to take things MORE SERISOULY!  Rehab is no joke...my sister has been there...just sick of hearing aout farrah she is a famous wanna be whore!

Lascivious Prod

haha... this is classic.!

how predictable was it for our young Farrah to get her backdoor kicked out of rehab? how orchestrated was this move? like, if she would've just completed it and walked out... definitely not as much news coverage. but here we are, yet again... with Farrah Abraham deep in the news cycle. here on The Stir and the rest of the celeb gossip sites. not to mention the tabloids and the tabloid "news" shows.

gotta give it up to Farrah's handlers. they're absolutely brilliant and racking in the dough and laughing all the way to the bank. if you haven't seen Farrah's getting her backdoor penetrated, we highly recommend it. (yep, of course we posted it on our website... LasciviousCelebs)

Sylvie Fisher

Your a slut..Farrah, where are your priority's instead of taking care of your daughter you would rather get back door.. Makes me sick

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