Melissa Gorga Is Actually Mad at Teresa Giudice for Not Sticking Up for Her During Cheating Rumors

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melissa gorgaReal Housewives of New Jersey stars Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice really will find any excuse to be pissed at one another or blame each other for anything bad going on in their lives, won't they? Get this. Melissa is mad that Teresa didn't stick up for her while she was being accused of cheating on her husband/Teresa's bro, Joe Gorga. Is this for real? What did Melissa expect? This is the stuff TG dreams are made of.

In case you missed it, in a recent RHONJ ep, Melissa's former friend, Jan DeDolce, told a table of women that she heard that Melissa "bl*w" an ex-boyfriend of hers. Teresa was one of the women sitting at the table, and naturally, she didn't say anything. I say "naturally" because Teresa hates Melissa's guts and vice-versa. I can't stand Teresa, but would Melissa have said anything if the situation were reversed?

Melissa said to Teresa: "No matter how much you can't stomach me, I'm your brother's wife! When you hear an accusation as disgusting as this, that's going to be on national television, how do you not walk away from the table?"

Um, perhaps because she was thrilled to hear something like this? Or perhaps because maybe, like the stripper rumor, she planted this? There are a million reasons Teresa didn't stuck up for Melissa. And a million why Melissa wouldn't stick up for Tre. The fact that Melissa was surprised and chose to get mad at Teresa for not defending her honor is flat out absurd. I feel like I'm acting like president of the Teresa Giudice Fan Club here -- which, believe me, I'm not -- but did Melissa come to Teresa's defense during Joe Giudice's cheating scandal? Hell no she didn't. (Though that would have been hard to defend, as it was pretty cut and dried.)

Anyway, Melissa, you're cray. Be pissed at your "friend", Jan, not Teresa. You and Tre will never get along. It's time to accept that and move on. Peace.

Are you surprised Teresa didn't defend Melissa?

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bills... billsfan1104

Why should Teresa stick up for her. When Teresa said she didn't want to hear about the stripper rumors, she was accused of being fake and setting her up.

nonmember avatar claudia

Is melissa delusional? Why should Teresa stick up for melissa when melissa herself talks trash about teresa to her friends? It very apparent that Melissa will find any reason to be "mad" at Teresa. Melisssa is soooo fakeee. I believe that she is the main reason Teresa and her brother dont speak! Melissa fills Joe's head with garbage about his own sister on a daily basis and this moron believes her! I feel bad for Teresa that she has to be related to this phonyyy womannn.!

Sheila Renee Sweetland-Tibbitts

Teresa is the moron. She is so fake. She is the one who seem always be around when things are being said about her family. And it seem that her so called friend Kim G is always make trouble between the two women and Teresa's brother and it seem like Teresa husband doesn't help either if my husband talked about my family like that I sure in the hell stick with him

nonmember avatar Karla

First of all.. its called EDITING. Teresa did leave the table, it just looks like she sat there. Its called bringing on the DRAMA so we can keep on watching. If you want to know the real truth behind this show go to

Lilly Keesher

Does Melissa stick up for Teresa? EVER?  Why should Teresa stick up for MELISSA when 1. she doesnt know if it is true or not, 2. this was MELISSA's FRIEND saying it and 3. she and melissa dont like each other.  


Melissa should have known when she chose to put her life "on display, on display, every day, every day".. (ugh.. cant stand that drivel)...


JaneD... JaneDoh57

Melissa probably did do her ex....Crazy girl, her hubbys a doll....Teresa said she wasnt comfortable with the info....thats more than I would have said, Id have been "Give me details, when and where" just bc Im nosey....I think Melissa aces the victim role....Joey, wake up!!!!

Diane Crandall Woods a crazy nutjob, who in this season is acting all innocent...I see her game...she started as one of my favs then when I see how she treated Jackie and her family....she wants the spotlight and is jealous of her brothers relationship...cuz Melissa seems way more normal and her man adores her.....Teresa's man...loser....cheater...jerk

Cherie' Sublett Dugan

T can be a handful and sometimes, well, let's all admit....goofy! Melissa on the other hand is just plain full of herself! She can't sing, she whines, moans and groans, stirs crap up between her idiot husband and and sis in law. All of this makes for interesting tv.  It's how the other ppl live.......they live just like ppl live on the other side of the tracks, but with money.  They are no different from anyone else! Melissa happens to have money to keep herself looking and acting like an immature girl. The thing that really pisses me off is when T is telling M what just happaned, M jumps to conclusions, won't shut up and won't give T a chance to tell her side. M runs to said hubby and tells the story she has made up! hence, drama...hence again, good tv. or something like that......

lynkolh lynkolh

Teresa is a fame wh*re and as the show got more popular her head grew...loved that her brother put it right out there that she doesn't even cook...get mother should've got all the money for the cookbooks cause they are all her recipes!!! She it's so jealous of Melissa and hates that Melissa is so much more pretty, younger and more talented than her...Teresa flips a table and instant fame...maybe Rosie should've flipped the table the other night and she would've stole the light off Teresa again...story line is getting old, need more ppl on the show who are not related!!!!

nonmember avatar Amber

Teresa seems to get crucified for any little thing when it comes to Melissa. Melissa makes sure to keep getting her stabs in. It's sick and hateful. I see right through her act. I feel bad for Teresa, she wasn't perfect but she's paid her dues and the Teresa-bashers need to move on with their hateful lives. I hope all of Melissa's secrets become exposed but most of all I hope Teresa doesn't get blamed for them. Love you Teresa! You are a survivor.

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