'RHONJ' Joe Gorga Is Writing a Book & Teresa Giudice Isn't Going to Like It

joe gorgaIf any Real Housewives husband was going to write a book, I'm glad it's Joe Gorga. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star confirmed to his Twitter followers recently that he'll be adding author to his resume. When a fan tweeted the profound words to him: "omg love you!!! you should write a book for the men ...", Melissa Gorga's husband tweeted back: "ITS COMING!!!!" I believe this is how the President will be breaking all of his news from here on out, too.

A husband and wife author team, eh? As you know Melissa's book, Love Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage, is coming out soon. But what will Joe's book be about exactly? How he keeps his wife happy? Or perhaps it will be the prequel to his sister Teresa's book, entitled, Fat Italian. JK. No, but, seriously, this is going to be awesome. 

And by "awesome" I mean "moderately to sort of not interesting". From the public discourse he engaged in with a rabid fan, sounds like Joe's book is going to be the same book his wife is writing, except I'm assuming the parts where she writes about her cheating father, he's going to pepper in tales of how his sister Teresa is the devil. Cool story. (And side note: Even if Joe wrote about how awesome Teresa is, I'm sure she'd hate the book. No one else is allowed to have success, okay, guys?)

Me? I'm happy for Joe. He seems like a solid dude who's been shoved into a super uncomfy spot between his wife and sister. The guy always seems like he's in a good mood, and he handles Caroline Manzo's passes at him with style and grace. A-plus, Joey G.

But am I going to buy his book? Uh, that would be a no. I don't ever want to possess anything that was written by someone who is on a Housewives show. I have to draw the line somewhere. The only exception I'd make is if the author was Giggy.

Will you buy Joe's book? Would you buy Giggy's?

Image via Joe Gorga/Instagram

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Trina_ Trina_

I'm sorry but Joe and Teresa are barely literate and have trouble stringing sentences together, how is he supposed to "write" a book? And what wordly knowledge can they even bring to the table? I'm a fan of the show but they should stick to creating drama for reality tv viewers.

Barbara Walker

Ya know, at first it was some of the Real Housewife cast wanting to put a song out there. Now, they all want to write books!! Monkety see and Monkey do!!!

Kerstin Straub

He wil probably going to go on and on about his Tarzan,what else can he wrote about? oh mostlikly keep on bashing his sister and blaming her for all of his failures and short comings in his life. He is as fake as his wife is.

JaneD... JaneDoh57

Ill read it at Barnes and Nobles like Ive read other housewife books. Joe Gorga is so sweet and naive. His bitchy wife and sistet enjoy pulling him like taffy. Damn, the boy is cute. Wish I could watch him dance

nonmember avatar JennyM

Ugh, no way. Joe Gorga is a whiny baby. Team Teresa all the way!

maddy809 maddy809

They are all assholes. If they put half of their effort into their relationships they would have much happier lives. And the only one whose book I would give any merit to would be Teresa only because they are recipies. Honestly, I am still recording these shows but I usually just fast forward through most of it, so over this crap.

Lisa Gelinas

Based on his body, he could easily do a book on working out. Other than that, not sure what area he could truly give advice about.

John Cronin

I doubt he could write a book - he is too ignorant and that is why all the girls manipulate the hell out of him...

Carol Turgeon Lamprey

I think this show is over rated! In all honesty, they should work on their private lives instead trying to ruin each others by trash talk & actions. The children are hurting from it most of all as well. How about some positive things happen instead of all the ridiculous drama? Take a hint Bravo tv directors/producers, you show trash and it's time to pick up your messes of these reality shows!

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