Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom May Have Separated Over Another Cheating Scandal Bombshell


khloe lamarI SO do not want this story to be true! There are reports that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have separated because he's been cheating on her. According to Star magazine, Khloe kicked Lamar out of their house back on June 8 when she found out he'd had a year-long affair with a woman named Jennifer Richardson. Keep in mind, this is not the most reliable source, so this disappointing news could be completely false.

We all know Khloe as the kind of woman who won't tolerate any amount of bullshit from anyone. So if she did find out Lamar was cheating on her, I believe she'd give him the boot immediately -- even though she's also been very vocal about her commitment to the marriage.

The thing is, supposedly this wasn't just a sexual fling Lamar had with Jennifer. Reports say he used to confide in her about how much he resented being part of the Kardashian family/show. So it was an emotional betrayal, not just of Khloe but of the whole family. I kind of can't blame him -- I think it would be hard to live in that family circus. But he signed up for it. If you're having trouble coping, get a therapist, not a girlfriend. Eventually, the story goes that she blew off Lamar. Maybe she got tired of his whining.

Supposedly Jennifer was the secret everyone but Khloe knew about. Star claims Lamar had been seen out on dates with her. But who do they mean by "everyone" -- all of the Kardashians? I don't think they'd let that slide without telling Khloe. Maybe it was just Lamar's friends who knew.

Anyway, like I said, I hope it's not true. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Whether you're a reality TV star or just an ordinary person, that's got to hurt. But if Lamar really did cheat? Ditch his ass, Khloe. We love it when you stick up for yourself.

Do you believe the cheating rumor -- and should that be a deal-breaker for Khloe?


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Elaine Cox

We all know Khloe as the kind of woman who won't tolerate any amount of bullshit from anyone

thats funny

nonmember avatar mel

he had a baby momma for many years, and cheated for many years on her. I don't think it was his baby mommas fault he cheated, so he probably hasn't owned up to his deep seeded behavior. I'm sure it doesn't help him out with the father figure he's had. She had to know about all that. I know the woman did an interview saying she had been really hurt and what happened... and I truly believed her. She didn't seem to want to drag his name in the mud it was more about how she felt while everything happened and basically said she's getting over it all. I just think he married her for fame, money, and because they have love for each other. His baby momma from before waited for years to get married to him. But she didn't have money or fame and he was supporting it all. It doesn't take a genius to see why he was willing to marry khloe so quickly. When they got married I hoped for the best. I knew it was only a matter of time before the cheating rumors started going. I don't know if the story is true or not . But I could see khloe turning a blind eye so she doesn't get hurt and crushed again. Having a man who wants her is so important to her. She is also not so good at dealing with deep emotional pain. We have all see the show. He has more then enough opportunities to do as he pleases. So does she. Hence- so many celeb break ups !

mrspease mrspease

Funny thing is, no REPUTABLE news or gossip outlets are saying anything about this story. If you read the details of it, it all sounds so ridiculous and fake, like some poorly written fan fiction novel. It's not even this Jennifer girl running her mouth about the story. It's a "friend" of hers. You add all of that to the timing, what with free agency coming up and Mama Kris' talk show premiering soon, and it just seems even more fishy. I call bullshit until Khloe or Lamar makes a statement saying otherwise.

nonmember avatar titlywinks

Stupid tabloids when are they going to learn that they are as fake as reality tv. Reality TV is all scripted. Tabloids only care about the Kardashians because they are a bunch of no talent ugly ass hoes. And of course all the tabloids are a bunch of man eating, fem-nazis. If the female cheats on the male they say the male deserved it. nothing but complete f***ing trash

Miriam Valle De Hernandez

Possible pics of Lamar's mistress Jennifer Richardson here

nonmember avatar Joshua Eden

Well, for Lamar to cheat on his wife would certainly fit in with what we know for sure about him — just look at the way he treated poor Liza Morales, the mother of his children! And besides, the temptation to cheat is definitely present — being away from his wife and in the presence of other women for weeks on end. I'd say the affair is real but that the details of it have been greatly exaggerated.

tabdi... tabdingess

I just don't believe Lamar would do that. He has it all a woman who is beautiful and loves him with her whole heart and soul

ot122 ot122

Well i hope the hell not he would be stupid shes a good person, and good to him, but if he did maybe thats why hes not with his kids mom, it might be a pattern......

nonmember avatar Linda

I liked them as a couple and if it is true Khloe should not put up with it. It is disrespectful of him, (according to his alleged mistress) to have flaunted his affair/affairs around his team mates and friends. Very bad indeed. If it is true, he should really take time to find out what marriage means, instead of disrespecting his faithful, supportive wife all over the place. It makes HIM look bad, unstable, deceitful and untrustworthy. Khloe does not deserve this.She had better be careful as well, he might bring something nasty home, if he talked about his mistress having a chid, he might not be using protection. I just hope this story about Lamar is not true!

Rena Lee

it really IS disappointing.   they didn't seem to be faking their love at all.   no one could be that good of an actor.  it was completely real -- sure seemed to be.   and they kept saying how committed they were -- how in love they were.  if he really did this, he's pretty disgusting, cuz it's a matter of record that she's had some crappy boyfriends who were not loyal at all.  she is the funniest, smartest and coolest of the kardashians and she deserves a great guy.   if this really happened, he should grovel on his knees for another chance because she seems to be a great wife who's really got his back.  why must guy's always f __ up a good thing?

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