Pippa Middleton's Wedding Could Be the Next Big Royal Event

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pippa middleton boyfriend nicoThis could be a banner year for the Middleton family! Not only are they expecting the royal baby any minute now, but it looks like Duchess Catherine's sis Pippa Middleton could be close to getting a ring on it! Royal watchers say that they think "wedding bells are likely for Pippa" after the excitement of the birth of the royal baby quiets down a bit. Hooray! Oh, but wait, who is she most likely going to head down the aisle with?

Pippa's BF is a 35-year-old stockbroker named Nico Jackson, who she's reportedly said to be "the one." They've only been dating for eight months, but are very out and proud about how serious they've gotten ... They were spotted PDA-ing it up at the Wimbledon men's singles semi-finals last week, and both are apparently telling friends that the relationship is serious, according to the Daily Mail. A "close friend" confirmed to the paper that "an engagement is definitely [in] the cards." Well, it's about bloody time!

I kid, I kid. It's just that it seems like poor Pippa has been having such a weird time in the spotlight (which, for the gazillionth time, she never asked for -- it was just by way of her sister's you-can't-get-more-high-profile relationship!). And when she actually tried to strike out on her own and do something to show the public what she's all about by releasing a book, it totally bombed. All anyone seemed to care about was her bum! 

Not to mention that it seems like she's had her fair share of ups and downs in relationships. Remember that former England cricketer Alex Loundon guy she was on and off again with? He supposedly couldn't handle the paparazzi chasing them all the time apparently. So lame!

But now, thankfully it sounds like she's found herself a real man who can handle Pippa's involuntarily public life. And she'll be 30 in a couple of months (just like me -- we share the same exact b-day, which is fun), so I can imagine she's pumped to start a successful new chapter of her life and relationship. Let's hope that's the case, because really, after everything she's been through recently, she deserves it!

Are you looking forward to Pippa's wedding?


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nonmember avatar Sadie Klar

How exciting! I love the Middleton's-- I hope he's good to her.

Kimberlee Jones

Pippa isn't a Royal author... This would be just a normal common wedding like anyone else.

Anita Dalton

She isn't part of the royal family..Who cares if she gets married or not..I'm not trying to be mean but she doesn't belong in the news,,

Paula Martin

Do any of you know how hard it would be to be Kate's sister, when your looking for Mr. Right, you have to worry about your BF or the one that want's to marry you just marrying you to get in good with the brother in law. Have any of you thought about that, any one she marries will be related to the future king of England, trust me this would make a good book.

nonmember avatar Lee

I don't understand that everyone is making a celebrity, a "royal" out of Pippa just because her sister married William.

I am not a fan of either Catherine or Pippa, especially Pippa. I think she is using her sister's royal connection for her own personal gain. Besides, Pippa is not even beautiful by any standards - she is just a pretty face in the crowd - and there are a lot more smart, beautiful women in England (or anywhere else) than her.

So please, stop reporting about Pippa as she is not "news" or "newsworthy" to us.

momof... momoffour2001

Well I share the same birthday as the Duchess of Cambridge :)



I would assume one would have to be royal in order for there to be a royal event.

Christina Gibbons Hayeck

No. I agree. She is not a member of the royal family. Her sister is married to one. Nor do I think she "stole the show" at the wedding. It's like - oh you again? Get lost.

nonmember avatar imani

Every one needs to leave her alone. She is family by marriage. I for one am happy to hear that she's found someone to make her happy. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Deborah Cooney-Navratil

Granted, Pippa is no royalty, but with all the bad going on in this world, it's nice to read about some happy news! Give her a break! She deserves to be happy!

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