Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Departure From 'The View' Is Disappointing

Elisabeth HasselbeckMonths after Barbara Walters squashed rumors that Elisabeth Hasselbeck was being booted from The View for her far-right views, news comes tonight that now she is officially on her way out. In fact, her last day on the show will be tomorrow, so she's not dragging her heels at all.

After 10 years on the ABC show, she's moving on to what will surely be friendlier waters. In September, she will begin a new gig co-hosting Fox & Friends. 

In a statement Hasselbeck said: "I have been a long-time fan of Fox & Friends and am excited to be joining their team in September as it is an honor to call the Fox News Channel my new television home."

Good for her I suppose. I'm sure it will be a nice to change to have someone else on her side for once, but I have to wonder if it will prove as stimulating for her. It sounds pretty boring to me after 10 years of arguing, debating, and fighting to be heard. Then again, maybe she needs a break.

I have to say I'm disappointed she's leaving The View. While I disagree with her on more than one (or a million) different issues, I've always admired Hasselbeck. I've even found myself rooting for her a bit when I disagree with her opinion, because I get so sick of the other ladies bulldozing her. As liberal as many of my leanings may be, I hate the kill-the-conservative-at-all-cost mentality to which I feel she was often subjected.

She's smart (debate that if you will), entertaining, opinionated, and has brought a lot of good debate to the show -- which is what The View is supposed to be about. Sure, she's made some big gaffes (who hasn't?) and has certainly  taken some extreme positions, but it's made for good TV. The show will surely suffer without her, and I'm going to really miss her ... though not enough to tune in to Fox & Friends.

Are you disappointed to see Elisabeth Hasselbeck leave The View? Who should take her place?

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sassy... sassykat122

Without debating whose idea it was i will be disappointed as well. What makes The View different is their desire to do more than fluff talk. If they don't make an effort to find a somewhat conservative co host much will be lost. They will be no different than The Talk. I didnt always agree with Elizabeth but thats what i liked, that she is a thoughtful conservative

knitt... knittykitty99

I will miss her too.  I rarely agreed with Elisabeth, but she was thoughtful and honest.  She brought a lot to the show.

IKnow... IKnow0101

I think it's time for a change for her. Ten years is a long time and it's nice to move on to something new and challenging so her skills will stay fresh. 

Elaine Cox

great..i guess whoopi "its not rape" goldberg and sheri "the world is flat" shepard will still be around

shant... shantee225

Ann Coulter would jazz it up a bit. 

Anice Campagna

I feel badly that Barbara and her producer allowed this to happen. I might not agree with Elizabeth but it is healthy to have varied opinions spoken on the show. She was an excellent, professional who helped the show move along. Are we becoming a nation who will only tolerate one view. We should be ashamed of the nasty, mean comments. I have much in common with Joy however I find her delivery offensive, pretentious and on one track,one liners that are crude and cutting and not really funny. Sorry but gald to see her go I am a registered Democrat.
So it has nothing to do with party lines.

nonmember avatar SAA

I watch The View regularly and although I respect Elisabeth's right to defend her positions, I often feel she is arguing just to argue. As the "designated Republican" on the panel it often seemed that she felt the need to protect that position at all costs even if her arguments really didn't make any sense. I am glad she is moving to a place where she will be in similar company.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I'm glad she's out. My car dealer plays it in the waiting room and any time my car needs service I'm subjected to it. It will slightly more tolerable without that ignorant bimbo sitting there. It will still be complete drivel but hopefully just irritating rather than making me want to shoot the tv. 

jalaz77 jalaz77

I don't watch the show religiously, I catch an episode here and there, while I rarely agree with her I will say she is fearless. 10yrs is a long time and it's time for her to move on.

nonmember avatar me

I havent watched it in years but I always liked her. Not because of her stands on things, I actually disagree on most, but because she seemed to be the only one with manners. They are all hollering on top of each other, most time its hard to hear what one person is saying because whoopi or joy is piping in not letting the person finish a sentence and barbara sitting there holier than thou passing judgement on the little people beneath her. She was the only one I could stand in the bunch. But no, wont be turning to fox and friends either lol

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