Kristen Stewart's Texts to Robert Pattinson Over 'Mystery Girl' Need to Stop

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Kristen StewartPoor Kristen Stewart. Girlfriend just can't catch a break lately. She and long-term vampire lovuh Robert Pattinson break up, and it looks suspiciously like he's now dating Kristen's pal Riley Keough. Someone writes "I love Rob" on Kristen's car. Harsh! And now word has it that KStew is so angry over Rob's supposed affair with her former (?) pal that she's texting him about it. Oh, Krissy. Don't go there, girl.

A source tells Grazia magazine:

Kristen is furious and has texted Rob and called Riley to find out what is going on, but apparently none of her calls have been answered. Kristen is seething. She understands things are over between her and Rob, but to see him now dating one of her closest friends is just too much for her to deal with and seeing the pictures really hurt her.

Yikes, well, that would suck. If it were true. Keough has reportedly denied any romance. But let's talk about it like it's real anyway, shall we?

I don't know what Kristen is supposedly texting to her ex, but it's probably something like:

- WTF is going on w u & Riley?

- Are you a couple?

- Well?

- Just answer me.

- That's such a betrayal.

- She was my friend.

- That's so wrong.

- Hello?

Listen, it's so easy now to keep in touch with people you should let fall out of touch. I'm old enough to remember the days when you could tear up someone's number, and in a few months, you could forget the number ... and soon that person had faded entirely from your mind. Now? Between Facebooking, Twittering, Instagramming, texting, and every other damn thing, your ex is always at your fingertips -- the last place he should be.

It's tough, but you gotta take the number out of the phone. You gotta unfriend and unfollow. Because demanding answers doesn't work. There are no answers for why a relationship falls apart when you've asked all the questions already. And there's never any good answer for why an ex is dating a friend.

The best way to deal with an ex pulling a douchebaggy move is to ignore and delete.

Have you ever texted an ex when you shouldn't?

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Sandra Mendez

you are so full of it ... stop making this girls life@##$$%^&*    live her alone 


Fangster Ofluv

OMG!! Really? Can't you find anything else to do with your time besides making up lies and spewing your word vomit on the internet? You and anyone who believes your drivel are pathetic!!

Robin Young

I agree. This making up crap that you guys do on this website is ridiculous. Im about to not come to this site anymore if I have to see that everytime I get on here. Im not the most fond of Kristen but give her a break and just let it be!

nonmember avatar tom

thats what this trampire deserves ahe needs to go cr.y.. i mean blow me a river

nonmember avatar guest

What don't you just hang her from one of the traffic lights outside your office and perhaps that will finally satisfy your thirst for blood you morons. You think this young girls life is a game? what ever happened to you people? why is this a joke? because you have a platform to spew your venom and malice doesn't make it right. it breaks my heart that this 23 year old girl is being made fun of. you make up stories, you twist the truth, and you do it with glee. what has happened to common decency and respect for the next person. Kiri Blakely I'm sure your mother is not proud of what you're doing. shame on you.

nonmember avatar Josephine

This is a form of bullying and if we want kids to not torment each oher then let us start with the woman in the mirror and in this case it is you Kiri. I treat victims of bullying and the damage to these youngsters are devastating, so stop modeling the crueltry.

nonmember avatar Stakedatrampire

At least he waited til he was single..... She needs to grow up

Ashley Hayes

i thought he was with elvis Granddaughter ? & go chase some men k i mean come on

Shannon Rene' Gross

You know it's their website they can post what they want! If you don't like it then unlike them or stay off the site. Personally i think some of the stuff they post is dumb but they have to get the news out some how, And how would any of you know what their saying isn't true? You'll never know.

nonmember avatar guest

someone mentioned at another site that she was going to start writing to the companies that advertised on this bullying sites about how bad an example they were to the youth of this nation in regards to bullying. she invited the fans to start a letter campaign to all advertiser on any bullying site. that means this site too. i think vaseline and baby orajel is on this article. time to start people. bullying is not ok.

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