Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Are Proving They Can Handle Being Back Together

ian somerhalder nina dobrev vampire diariesIan Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev's breakup was like a shot to the heart for many a Vampire Diaries fan. Thus, while they're no Robsten, I'm sure there are plenty of people hoping that the reunion of Elena and Damon on-screen will lead the exes to get back together off-screen. Now that they're headed back on set, of course it's a possibility. But the only evidence we have so far points to both parties being prepared to be civil with one another ...

A source tells Entertainmentwise, "I think you become really good friends with that person when you see them every day anyway so I think they obviously knew that getting into a relationship. But I don’t think it would be awkward for [Ian and Nina]. They are both well rounded people." And they've also supposedly taken a mature first step to ensuring it's all smooth sailing once shooting resumes ...

Sources tell Celebrity Dirty Laundry, "Nina and Ian are back in touch after several months spent apart." But sparks aren't flying. It just "means that they are doing everything possible to keep things as least awkward as possible." Well, hey, that's still good news, right?

Not only because they have to be able to get along for professional reasons, but also because it never hurts to be able to play nice with an ex. And when I say nice, I don't mean passive-aggressive or semi-bitchy or having any sort of ulterior motive. I mean being straight-up KIND and genuinely being on good terms.

Granted, that's much easier said than done depending on the specifics of the breakup! I have a couple exes I could never in a million years see myself being able to have a jovial, good-natured, civil relationship with, because we parted ways on horrible terms. But I'm lucky in that I'm actually still friendly with most of the guys I dated before meeting my husband. Maybe it's easier because we've both moved on and are engaged or married to other people now, but there's more to it than that. It's about both of you being mature enough to know when to say when and to be above, beyond, past hard feelings. Don't get me wrong. Years, space, and new significant others who are a better fit definitely help!

Unfortunately, those are things Ian and Nina don't have going for them. But they do have a pretty sweet gig they share, so for at least their careers' sakes, let's hope they can put hard feelings on the back burner and just get along. 

How do you feel about being on good terms with exes? Do you think Ian and Nina will be able to do it?


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nonmember avatar Jackie Face

I do not see them getting back together, But I am glad that they are attempting to be civil. I know it is hard.

nonmember avatar me

i think the real question is if he's with alexis knapp right now he confirmed his friendship with the model he did not conform anything about alexis which fans have been hounding him for and by the looks of it his fans have gotten her verified on twitter which she seems to be revelling in it tbh i was fine with him being the model i would een be fine if he got back with nina as much as i dislike her but alexis knapp! i didn't even know who she was but i still had this feeling about her like she would be nasty then doing research and now i see why i got that feeling she seems nice but has an easy attention seeking side you can see so yes i do want to see ian happy but that girl doesnt give a good vibe i dont doubt they had relations and i doubt it would go further than that it is whatever he chooses of course

Courtney Castro

He already admitted that Alexis has a boyfriend and they are just friends. I personally am still friends and close with a few ex's. I'm married now, but even before I started dating my husband. It's possible. I wish them both the best of luck! They are both amazing people.

nonmember avatar elena fan

i hope elena nd ian get bck..dey luk gr8 2gdr

nonmember avatar Mee xx

I love them together!! As much as I love Delena... And they are so much better than Robsten :)

Ivona Poyntz

I don't see them getting back together either. shame.

nonmember avatar Leanne Gutsell

I think Ian should fine someone who is not famous to be in a relationship .

nonmember avatar Jessica

They should get back together ( off screen ) they are perfect together An I love DELENA !!!* ILove you Ian and Nina ....*

nonmember avatar Sandi

I also hope Ian and Nina get back together.I also agree with the poster who gets a bad vibe about Alexis,so do I. Researched about her and don't like one bit what I read. I pray Ian did not have a fling with her and definitely never date her. Alexis is definitely not for Ian,believe me!

nonmember avatar delenafan

i was thinking the same about alexis he never said anything about her only about ana,that was the girl he confessed with being friends with. she actually looks a bit like her that is probably why the fan that saw them probably thought it was her im positive she was lying about them being all cuddly like she said. i myself didnt like the idea of him and alexis not the type to bring home to his mother indeed

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