'Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoilers: Meet the New Characters We'll Likely Be Saying Goodbye to Before Long

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Walking DeadIn case you haven't figured it out yet, my incredibly professional and surely not at all annoying approach to covering Walking Dead material over the summer is basically this: if it's a day ending in "y," it's time for a post about season 4. I know, I know, the constant speculation and rumor-mongering is probably getting old, but it could be worse, right? I could be laser-focused on that Fifty Shades of Grey movie instead.

Anyway, the most recent word on the zombie-filled street is related to the new characters that will appear in episodes four, six, and seven of season 4. The names of these Walking Dead episodes have been leaked, along with the intriguing casting calls for two brothers who will appear in episode seven and a character description of "Don," a new face we'll meet in episode six.

If you're looking to avoid any and all potential spoilers, here's your official warning to stop reading!

We already knew that four Walking Dead characters are promoted to series regulars in season 4: David Morrisey (the Governor), Chad Coleman (Tyreese), Sonequa Martin-Green (Tyreese's sister Sasha), and Emily Kinney (Hershel's daughter Beth). It was also previously reported that Lawrence Gilliard Jr. has been cast as Bob Stookey, a former Army medic.

As for what else we can expect in terms of new faces, here's the very latest from the rumor mills:

Episode 4 will be titled "Indifference." Two survivors named Jack and Erin will be joining the cast. Both are in their 20s and described as easygoing and “extremely thin.” Sounds like maybe these folks came from the road rather than Woodbury?

Episode 6 will be titled "Rise." The sixth episode will introduce a new character named Don in a guest role. Don is reportedly between 50 and 70 years old, has a granddaughter, and is described as kind but "sometimes grumpy." He'll be played by character actor Danny Vinson (Walk the Line, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby). Two more recurring characters are slated to appear in "Rise," including a single mother and former nurse named Laura, and a "tough and funny" woman named Melody.

Stop the presses -- is it possible The Walking Dead is actually going to start featuring some strong, likable female characters? Well hot damn, it's about time.

Episode 7 will be titled "Dead Weight." The show is looking to cast two actors as brothers around 30 years old. Here's the description: "Mack is an aggressive wiseass and Patrick is fair-minded. Mack is recurring and Patrick is a guest role." Hmmm, so the asshole brother survives while the nice guy gets turned into zombie chow? Or maybe that casting description is deliberately misleading, since the "guest role" term seems pretty flexible.

If this was a normal show, I'd wonder if the writers weren't running the risk of making the script too cumbersome by adding a bunch of new people. On The Walking Dead, though, you can always count on one thing to help balance out any character sprawl in the storyline: death, and lots of it.

What do you think of the rumored new characters in season 4? Are you intrigued by the brothers, who sound somewhat similar to the Dixon boys?

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Melis... Melissa1508

I don't want to get attached to anyone yet, lest they become chow.  At this point, I wouldn't mind if some of the original cast became a buffet (i.e., Crazy Carl, the little asshole).  Honestly, as long as nothing happens to Daryl or the baby I'm fine.  haha

nonmember avatar jessi

someone please tell me where i can watch season 3. I just discovered this show. I know I've been living under a rock lol. But I started watching it on netflix and they only have the 1st 2 seasons. I wasn't even aware there was a season 3 until I looked online. And melissa I agree carl is an asshole.

Melis... Melissa1508

Jessi, I think the only way to watch them right now is to buy the 3rd season.  :( 

nonmember avatar Matthew

@Melissa1508, I was in the same situation about a week ago, I've watched all three seasons in the past week but you can watch season 3 online for free at www.mobilevids.org. It's free, just register and scroll to the bottom to TV shows find TWD and stream or download all 16 episodes! Hope that helps.

nonmember avatar jessi

thank you so much! I didn't season 3 was available to buy yet but if I could watch for free even better lol

nonmember avatar jessi

@matthew it is asking me for an invitation code. What is that & how do i get it?

Kirby Gruver

"is it possible The Walking Dead is actually going to start featuring some strong, likable female characters? Well hot damn, it's about time."

Um, Linda? Michonne? Hello?

antfa... antfarmer101

My husband is doing the old "I told you sooooo" routine right now because I JUST watched the first three seasons. Now I am as anxious as he is for Season 4! And I agree with Melissa... as long as Daryl is ok, we are good lol

nonmember avatar A

If you have an Android device you can download Video Mix Pro its not on the market so you have to download it from the web Just Google Video Mux Pro Apk It is amazing you can even see the latest in theater movies (just hard to find good quality) But The Walking Dead Season 1-3 Are,on already and the quality is DVD good and they even have season 4 (no episodes yet of course) But they have it ready for when it releases on tv. And i dont see why u hate carl lol xD

nonmember avatar Emily

The walking dead is one of my favorite shows me and my hubby love it looking forward to season 4 hopefully Rick does not get killed off that would make me very sad. I miss Shane he would make the show even more interesting.

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