5 Reasons Why Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Are the Best Celebrity Couple of Summer 2013

sean lowe catherine giudiciDo you know how most couples on The Bachelor, well, they kind of break up rather quickly after the fairy-tale story of how they met and "fell in love" abruptly comes to an end and they're suddenly thrust back into the real world while desperately trying to hang on to their 15 minutes of fame? Then it all falls apart? As of today ... not so for Bachelor Sean Lowe and his fiancee, Catherine Giudici. Which is pretty damn impressive when you come right down to it.

And now they've been named on Glamour's "Best Celebrity Couples of Summer 2013" list as the "Most Delightful 'Huh, This Might Actually Work Out'" pair. Can't really get more self-explanatory than that, can ya?

Seriously, one can only look at some Bachelor pairings in the past and shake one's head. Of course most of these couples are doomed to fail. But, so far, Sean and Catherine are defying the odds, and it seems Glamour has taken note of it.

Stop rolling your eyes. Love is a fickle game, and even though these two found love on TV and in the most extraordinary of circumstances, hey, weirder things have happened. Huge amount of skepticism aside, here are a few reasons why these two deserve their, um, coveted(?) "Huh, This Might Actually Work Out" title.

1.) Their relationship isn't based on sex. Sean has made it very well known that he's a "born-again virgin" and that the couple is waiting until marriage to get it on. Again, skepticism aside, that means that instead of hot-and-heavy sessions between the sheets, like most couples in love get to experience in the first few months, they actually have to, gasp, get to know each other. Talk. Relate. Find shit in common. Regardless of your sex-before-marriage stance, it seems to be working for these two. To each their own, right?

2.) They're insanely cute together. Seriously, look how adorable they are. Sean and Catherine make a hot-looking couple, and even though that's completely superficial and has nothing to do with the longevity of any marriage, come on, it can't hurt. They also have a lot of chemistry when they're together, which makes 'em even cuter.

3.) Their kids would be gorgeous. Again, yet another reason that's entirely appearance-based (come on, this is reality TV love we're talking about, after all), but dear god, these two were meant to procreate. Their children would be knockouts and it'd be so much fun to stalk this entire family on Instagram.

4.) They both love their 15 minutes. They could be together as long as we keep on writing and caring about them. Sean's been on Dancing With the Stars, rumor has it they were shopping around for a reality TV show together, they love the PDA, they've made morning show appearances ... at least these two are both equally image-conscious and know how to keep themselves somewhat relevant in the reality TV circuit. Seeking fame can be just as binding as seeking love! Isn't that the takeaway for our entire generation?

5.) They're actually taking their time when planning their future. Some of you thought the news of Sean and Catherine postponing their wedding meant the end was nigh. But this could also be one of the smartest moves they could possibly make. What's the big hurry? Maybe they're enjoying this phase in their lives and don't want to rush into a big, TV-camera filled wedding quite yet. Better to figure out their issues now instead of figuring them out after they're married!

Do you think Sean and Catherine deserve to be on Glamour's list?


Image via ABC

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Elaine Kinson

Well said, you got them all right and well deserve celebrity couple of 2013. Still they were the best couple of the Bachelor Show. The best personality of all past and present.

Carey Giudici

It's personally disappointing to have to wait for their wedding, but as you say, the lifetime relationship trumps any other consideration.

And as you also mentioned, they're bound to have some happy, helpful and gorgeous kids. This future grandpa can't wait! Thanks for your supportive piece, Jill.

nonmember avatar munnalisa

I,ve been waiting so long too.i agree to the grandpa to be.he probably cant wait to see his grand kids.not getting younger.

nonmember avatar Eric

Yes, they definately do, they are both smart in terms of planning for their future, their love is not tv and cameras based, it is real, so yah absolutely.

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