'Teen Mom' Star May Be Secretly Engaged (PHOTO)


Maci BookoutBig. News. Okay, so maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here. But you know how Teen Mom star Maci Bookout has been dating her boyfriend Taylor McKinney for the last six months? Well she's posted two photos within the last three days showcasing a special something on her left ring finger. Yup, an engagement ring, possibly?

I KNOW. Maci Bookout is TOTALLY wearing a ring, so naturally the thought process is Maci Bookout is engaged

Okay, so like I said, it's kind of a bold assumption. I mean, not too long ago, Maci was speaking out saying she wouldn't be engaged or married anytime soon after planting a whole slew of wedding rumors on her personal Twitter feed. But during all of that commotion, there was never a hint of bling on her ring finger.

All I'm saying is that Maci definitely knows what she's doing. Every woman knows what's implied when they wear a special little something on that particular finger. Whether or not it's real, she at least WANTS people to think something's up or get talkin'.

Do I think she's actually engaged? I have my doubts. I think six months is a quick amount of time to date and fully understand if you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. Unlike, say, Jenelle Evans, Maci hasn't been one to make crazy decisions of that massive nature in such a rush.

Only time will tell. I will say this: if that is an engagement ring, it's a tad understated -- amiright?

Do you think Maci is engaged?


Image via Macideshanebookout/Instagram

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nonmember avatar felecia

i wear rings on that finger if theyre important to me. i got a ring for my first mothers day i wear on that finger.. doesnt mean im engaged doesnt mean im married. it means it means a lot to me and thats where i want it. just because someone has a ring on that finger doesnt mean anything

nonmember avatar Amanda

It's probably her Bentley ring. She's always worn it on that finger.

Tamara Marie Barnes

as long as she is happy who cares. and he can take care of her and bentley.

Peggy Lynn Weems

if maci is getting married then let her she is a good mom to Bentley.

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