Robert Pattinson Went Grocery Shopping & What He Bought Speaks Volumes About Him

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robert pattinsonDrop everything you're doing right now and huddle around. I have something very important to tell you. Robert Pattinson. Went. Grocery. Shopping. There are pictures, and we can look at them, and we can discuss them. As far as I am concerned, that is something we should do. Are you ready? Okay. To the Robert Pattinson Intrusive Viewing Room! Let us examine every last item in that shopping cart and decipher whatever intimate, personal details they might reveal.

1. Case of Coors Light. That's a lot of beer. First of all, this means Rob is no beer snob. He'll drink anything, apparently. And he's trying to maintain his girlish figure. But let's talk about the quantity. Is he planning a party -- or is he planning to go underground? Methinks this beer is meant to last him a few months while he lives in the tunnel under his home, dating Riley Keough in secret. Just a hunch.

2. Diet Snapple. I don't see the Snapple in the photos, but Perez Hilton says it's there, so it must be true. Robert is going to drink all that Snapple, and then he's going to pee in all the bottles because he forgot to have a bathroom built in his basement. I know this is a gross detail. What can I say, I'm just reporting what I've made up.

3. Bulk package of toilet paper. I know what you're thinking: Don't be gross again, Adriana. Well you'll be pleased to know that is not where my theory takes us. That toilet paper is for an art project Rob's working on, but he made me swear not to tell you about it because it would ruin the surprise. (Involves water colors and glitter, FYI.)

4. Tortilla chips. I'm guessing by the yellow bag. Something about that particular shade of yellow says tortilla chips to me -- store-brand at that. Maybe Rob's a mad guacamole maker.

5. Sour Cream & Onion PopChips. That's what that green bag next to the tortilla chips totally looks like. Here's what I think happened. He went in to support his pal Katy Perry by purchasing Katy's Kettle Corn Chips, but then he saw the sour cream & onion. And he likes that flavor better, so he bought them instead. And then, like the careless asshole that he is, he left the package on the top of the bag where Katy can see it now! Oh cruel snack betrayal.

6. Other stuff. There are more things in that bag, but we can't see them. I'm just going to take a stab here: Tampons, kale, quinoa, those little Babybel cheeses, extra virgin olive oil, frozen blueberries, a lighter, and this month's Martha Stewart Living.

What do you think is in Robert Pattinson's grocery bag?


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dixie... dixiemama25

i think ya'll are getting a little nuts-o with this. really picking apart what the man buys. he is human just like us. only difference is what he does for a living

busyw... busywithbabies

Was this written by a 12 year old?  Celebrities are REAL PEOPLE TOO!  They go shopping, poop, and struggle with their weight just like the rest of us.  

Vivian L. Morrison

What I noticed about it is that some of that is stuff to eat and drink is also some of Kristen's faves and the shirt he is wearing is in reference to one of the movies she will be working on... makes u wonder

cleig... cleigh717

Who gives a f***? Next?!

cleig... cleigh717

Who gives a f***? Next?!

nonmember avatar Tara

Love him to pieces. That basically describes every grocery trip my younger brother has ever made.

I spy Tide detergency and paper towels, too. lol

nonmember avatar Lori

You forgot to mention the bottled water, paper towels and the broom! Maybe he was headed to Toronto in an RV and wanted to make sure things were tidy on the trip?

Barbara Coleman

Tina Martin and Vivian Morrison , you both need to use your own pictures on these comments nad not mine. where in the hell did you guys get my photo any is also none of our business what Rob has in his basket .Love U Rob !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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