Shocking Kim Kardashian Home Movie Shows How Fame-Hungry She Was Even as a Child (VIDEO)

If you haven't seen this rare video footage of the Kardashian family before they were famous, stop what you're doing right now. Both fans and haters alike can enjoy this three-minute clip that shows Khloe Kardashian with braces and Rob Kardashian as a chubby little kid.

But what's most surprising about this video is how outgoing Kim Kardashian is, and by outgoing I mean obnoxious. Taking place during Kim's eighth-grade graduation party, the very outspoken teenager gets on the microphone and talks to the camera about how popular she is, how her friend is jealous of her, and craziest of all ... how we'll remember her when she's famous.

You've got to see this.

I have to admit, I cringed when Kim was on camera. I know she was so young, but come on. Even at that age, she is so full of herself. I doubt she'd enjoy watching these home movies. It's crazy to think she was just as attention-hungry back then as she is today.

But how adorable was Kourtney? She seems so cool and down-to-earth, even back then. I love how at one point, she replies, "So happy!" in that sarcastic Kourtney tone we've all grown to love. She hasn't changed one bit.

Do you find it funny that Kim knew she'd be famous?



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nonmember avatar blue

Wow, has she had a lot of work done since then. Yeah, they are all obnoxious.

Chana... Chanandler.Bong

I think it's funny that this site feels compelled to post hateful articles about Kim K every single day. I'm no fan, but this is ridiculous.  She wasn't being obnoxious in the video- she was acting like a young teenager.  My 12 year old niece and her friends do the same thing when they get together. It's actually perfectly age appropriate. So maybe my niece and her friends are fame hungry, too? 

nonmember avatar Peggy

@Chanandler - Perhaps kids today act like that but back when Kimmie was 12 they didn't. She's not that much younger than my own daughter and we lived in LA (in a part that is a celeb hotspot) at that time. Only the obnoxious and egotistical were like that. Therefore, her behavior was over-the-top.

nonmember avatar J

Perhaps that's how kids act today because they are 'taught' to act that way by glorifying these 'celebs'. Look at the classy celebs of the past, it has now become cool to act like these fame hungry, famous for nothing 'reality tv stars'.

nonmember avatar mel

...well she was right. They probably do remember her lol. Is it wrong to be so confident that you make it come true ? Her soul wanted that, came here to do it, and did. She knew it then and she just had to figure out a way. You can see that as a negative (jealous much ?) , or you can praise people for following what they want even from a young age.

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

The whore had already perfected her blow job face.

Samantha Gleaves

^^^lol that's funny but completely terrible in the same light.


Anyway I also think that there's a little too many posts about this woman and her family. Whether its hate or love I don't care no one wants to come here to read what is happening/happend to Kim k and the stirs writers opinions, if I did I would be visiting e! news site. Idk whatever I'm just personally soo over them all, I cannot wait until their 5 min of fame is's gotta happen sometime. I'm just sick every channel you turn out is talking about "what Kim k did on 4th of July with her baby?" does the entertainment industry really think that ALL of America cares whether north west took her first poop? F**k haha I usually ignore this stuff but I guess I was already irritated with it. Stoopid beaches.

Leeann Mcclain Exner

so ugly and full of herself,i much rather watch honey boo boo she got more class.

Looki... Looking4Truth

Yet again, here we go with another Kardshian article.  ENOUGH ALREADY!!  Is this fame and money hungry family the only thing in the world there is to write about?  Really?  I've lost count of the numerous and non-stop articles about that stupid Kardashian clan.  Please, give it a rest for once!!!

Vanessa Poholek Fasanella

So that's what she really looked like? Much nicer than the after-plastic surgery face. Sad family, wanting so much negative attention.

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