Mariah Carey Rushed to Hospital After Video Shoot Accident

Mariah CareyPoor Mariah Carey was taken to the hospital after dislocating her shoulder while filming a music video for the remix of her song, "#Beautiful."

She suffered her little mishap on Sunday in New York, and thankfully it sounds like she is going to be just fine. Her rep reports that "doctors reset her shoulder" (ouch!) -- so hopefully she'll be good as new in no time. 

Geez. A dislocated shoulder? What the heck happened?

The cause of her injury hasn't been confirmed, but one source says Mariah may have tripped in her heels and fallen. OMG. If that's the case, she must have hit the ground pretty hard to throw her shoulder right out of the socket. (Cringing. That had to hurt like hell.)

But even though she's probably in a decent amount of pain, Mariah is still scheduled to perform a free concert for Hurricane Sandy Relief at Central Park this coming Saturday, July 13 -- even though she may have her arm in a sling. 

Wow. Way to be a trooper. It definitely speaks volumes about her character that she's ready and willing to honor her commitment to perform even though she possibly underwent surgery and spent the past couple days in the hospital.

But she still might want to take it easy and not push herself too hard while she's singing her heart out. And just to be on the safe side, she should probably think about leaving her high heels at home this time around.

Were you surprised to hear about Mariah's accident?


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LostS... LostSoul88

She doesn't need to hit it hard, just needs to land in the right spot. 

nonmember avatar MammaMel

Methinks you know NOTHING about shoulder pop it back in and go on with your life! Using a sling is just being a whiny sissy who wants attention! Heck, wrestlers (like the real ones...not the WWE idiots) dislocate their shoulder in the middle of a match, have it popped back in then continue! Yes it's sad that it happened to her, but it doesn't make her a trooper or anything special that she is right back at it.

Tonia Cruz

for what, its not like she performs or anything, standing in one spot and singing shouldnt cause injuries. she doesnt dance or jump around.

tuffy... tuffymama

It frickin hurts to dislocate a shoulder, and not every dislocation feels the same. Also, if it has been dislocated before, it can happen more easily in the future. Calling someone names because they have a painful shoulder dislocation is ST👀PID.

nonmember avatar shannon ward

Poor girl, that hurts like hell to dislocate any body part! Hope she heals quickly!!

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