'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Lauri Peterson Deserves Every Bit of Vicki Gunvalson's Wrath

Vicki GunvalsonSo much for that "awesome, elegant weekend" Lydia McLaughlin was planning for The Real Housewives of Orange County. Ever since Lauri Peterson first told Gretchen Rossi she had caught Vicki Gunvalson in bed with another man and woman, we've been waiting for the threesome bomb to drop on Vicki. Tonight it did, and talk about an explosion.

Vicki was livid to say the least, and justifiably so. There was steam coming from those Canadian mountains when Tamra Barney finally told her what Gretchen said Lauri said. It was a big, messy trail of mistruth, and there were exactly two people responsible for the whole mess -- Lauri and Gretchen. Of course, both of them proclaim to be totally innocent in the whole thing. Of course.

It seems pretty evident that Vicki did not have a threesome. She's previously explained that it was her sister and another man lying in bed fully clothed watching a movie that Lauri witnessed. And as Tamra said, "She can’t even say the word vagina, she’s not going to go down on one."

Even Lauri backtracked big time saying she never said it was a threesome. No, she may not have used that word, but her implication was crystal clear, and it was a low, low thing to do.

Almost as low was Gretchen then going and spreading the rumor to Heather Dubrow and to Tamra. She acts all innocent, but she was extremely calculating in her moves. She couldn't wait to share this dirty secret about Vicki with everyone, and if she hadn't, they might have all been skiing instead of screaming on those mountains.

Vicki admitted that she and Donn both cheated on one another during their marriage. Gretchen practically fainted with joy at hearing this admission, but that's the past, and good for Vicki for owning it. As for Lauri, she just looks like more of an attention whore looking for relevance on the show than ever. She and Vicki may have bad blood between them, but getting back at someone by spreading rumors you know aren't true is just sleazy. It's really time for her to exit now, because if that's all she's bringing to the show, we don't need it. I am dying of curiosity to find out what dirt Vicki has on Lauri, though she should take the high road and keep it to herself.

So now Lauri is pissed at Gretchen for telling what she told her; Vicki is pissed at Lauri and Gretchen for spreading lies; Gretchen's pissed at Tamra for playing both sides of the fence; Gretchen's pissed at Lydia for saying it's all her fault; and Gretchen's apparently pissed at Heather for calling her out about being a liar face regarding the TV show. It truly was a clusterfuck of friends, as Tamra dubbed it. Weirdly, it's Alexis Bellino who's pretty much the only one not involved in the drama.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of this Canadian trip plays out. Alexis's and Lydia's blinged-out Bibles may be the only salvation if things keep going in this direction.

Do you think Vicki is right to be furious at Lauri? What about at Gretchen?


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nonmember avatar Jenny

Totally agree Lauri and Gretchen are super pathetic. Grown ups acting like they are in high school, not a good look ladies! Lauri if your life is so damn "perfect" then why stoop to this bs? And Gretchen you are the hypocrite both Tamra and Vicki said the same crap about you, why can you forgive one and not the other? Oh yeah because you are a total moron!

1RedH... 1RedHottMama

Vicki can find fault with everyone but can't take it when it's done to her. She will make sure that everyone is told all your secrets and then gossip about them behind there back. I am getting sick of Vicki and Alexis calling everyone bullies but when they do it,it's just them looking out for her friends. Bullshit Vicki is an ugly bitch and Karma will come to bite her in the ass the way she treats people. I wish they would not renew her contract for next season.

nonmember avatar Nicki Nicholas

The whole bunch of them are not worth the powder to blow them all to hell...well them and all the fake tits, cheeks, lips, etc. What a bunch of pathetic losers, except for Heather, who has real class. I quit watching a long time ago. Bunch of faker women and men, ie, Jim...ugh.

nonmember avatar Kathy

I agree with 1reddhotmama.Vicki is scum and she wants everything her way. Drop the bitch.

nonmember avatar BooBoo

Everyone forgets how mean spirited Vicki is. Let her tell it she's a saint. She's always on Gretchen's back but she can't take it when she's on the receiving end. And Heather needs to get her facts straight before saying Gretchen is a liar. Tamara is back to kissing up to Vicki again. And Lydia needs to mind her business. She doesn't know about the history the other women have together. Vicki has always put other people down. She's always right. And Tamara you could have said no we will wait for Gretchen and Heather the night they left them. Real friends don't treat their friends like that. As always Vicki is leading you down that path of stupidity again. Oh and Alexis if you stopped bragging about what you have you'll be a much better person. As for Lauri she was treated like dirt by Vicki. And when she met her husband Vicki was super jealous.

Jamie Kimery

vicki is a piece of crap u go grechen and lauri vicki just mad about brooks being a sugardaddy lmao

nonmember avatar Vicki

Lori was trying to make herself seem important to the rest of the ladies; as if to say "I have information that none of you could ever get." The problem was she manipulated the truth so as to make it seem really bad. Lori is what's known as a "pot stirrer". It's my opinion that Vicki has grown and matured. I use to be president of the "I can't stand Vicki Club" but I believed she's gone through some big changes that have caused her to reevaluate her life and her way of dealing with issues. Gretchen wants so badly to be the center of the group and the center of attention. I don't understand how someone so pretty on the outside can have a heart so ugly. Lydia has good intentions and just wants everyone to get along. Heather wants to think she's a famous actress when the truth is she's been a side, bit player on a few things. More people know her as a Real Housewives than from her screen credits. I know this is not going to be a popular feeling, but I DO think that Alexis has been bullied by some of the ladies on the show. If you don't like her, ignore her and leave or alone; you don't need to scream at her or talk so ugly about her.

Barbie Turner Smoot

Vicki sure didn't "own" it when it was going on and she was pointing fingers at Gretchen...she only "owned" it when Lauri outed her...

nonmember avatar Junie

Vicki deserves all the misery that rolls her way. She is a monster.

Sharon Riley Goodban

Vicky is a Screamer and she needs to be told to go someplace else.  Laura only told what she saw and apparently she knows a whole lot more.


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