7 Compelling '50 Shades of Grey' Casting Clues We Simply Can't Deny

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ian somerhalderNo matter how much they claim to be over it, Fifty Shades of Grey fans are desperately worked up and waiting with bated breath for the announcement of the movie's cast. Who could blame 'em? Now that we've got a director on board and a release date that's just a bit more than a year away, casting has to be next. And it has to come soon!

Whether you're rooting for Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer, or an Aussie actor no one's ever heard of before but you believe to be the perfect Christian Grey, there have been several hints so far about who will score the coveted Fifty Shades movie roles. Here, the seven of the most compelling ...

  1. Although E.L. James initially seemed strongly opposed to casting her muse Robert Pattinson as Christian, he could easily be in the running based on new evidence ...
  2. Judging from the English director and screenwriter, quite a few cast members could end up being from across the pond, as well. 
  3. They've also been relative unknowns with just a couple of credits to their names -- and IMDB pages. Seems quite possible the cast could follow suit.
  4. Just a guess here for the most part, but James has seemed to retain complete creative control over everything stemming from the series. For this reason, it wouldn't be surprising if she were to want to go with unknowns in the lead roles, so as to make them even more powerfully linked exclusively to the brand -- as opposed to other films or TV shows they may be known for if they're established actors.
  5. Unknowns will also be more willing to make a bold move -- doing risque sex scenes, merely starring in a film that's flirting with an NC-17 rating, etc. -- than established stars.
  6. On the other hand, James does seem to have a thing for Ian Somerhalder ...
  7. Whoever is cast as Ana and Christian will have to have extremely off-the-charts on-screen chemistry. Not only because, well, duh, but director Sam Taylor-Johnson has vowed to deliver on that front! So perhaps they'll both be young and unattached ...? Maybe that means we should rule out any contenders like Alexis Bledel -- recently engaged to Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser -- who are already in high-profile committed relationships? (Then again, that didn't stop Brad Pitt from straying with his co-star, eh?)

What other compelling casting clues have you come across?

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Petra Reese

If Twilight Boy gets the part- Won't be watching that!!!!!

nonmember avatar dawn phillips

Chris hemsworth would make a great choice

Analise Estacio

agreed if Robert Patterson gets the part expect fifty shades to fail at the box office

Karen Singleton

please no rob patterson i do not find him the least bit attractive

Patricia Rose Malloy

I suppose that English actors can hide their accents as these are American West Coast settings...Seattle/Portland. I am not ok with the fact that we have to recruit from another country but what is most important is the 'fit' of the actor into the characters. ELJ should know that best but the fact that she'd consider Pattinson annoys me...makes me feel there are more politiics here than doing what is right.

My vote continues to be:
Alexis Bledel (1st pick) or Alexandra Daddario as Ana.
With Ian Somerholder or Henry Cavill as Christian

nonmember avatar Teresa

My vote remains with Ian as Christian, if anyone else plays the role I won't be going. I like Alexis as Anna

nonmember avatar Louise

I don't want British actors in the film unless they are British in the book! It wouldn't be right! My 1st choice is Alexis Bledel & Matt Bomer for Christian & Ana :) but as long as the film is good & the actors play the part right I don't really mind as long as it not Robert Patterson!! X

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