Stacy Keibler Dumps George Clooney & You Won’t Blame Her Once You Hear Why

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George ClooneyWell, ladies, it looks like George Clooney is back on the market again. Rumor has it gorgeous George has broken up with Stacy Keibler. A source told People magazine:

Stacy called it quits. She wants to have children and a family someday. She knows where George stands on that. They talked and they quietly stopped being a couple several weeks ago.

Of course, any chick who dates ol' George knows she's got a limited shelf life. It's almost like George gets them on two-year leases -- which he never chooses to renew.

You can't really blame George -- he's honest with the gals in that he doesn't want marriage, doesn't want children. Maybe every girl who dates him thinks she will be the one to change his mind. Maybe she just wants a couple of years of red carpets and celebrity fetes and Lake Como summers. Hey, it's a lot more than most women get out of a two-year relationship.

But it's getting a bit sad. Not that George doesn't want to get married or have kids -- plenty of people don't, and that's their choice. But that his girlfriends seem to be on a revolving door in and out of his life. George seems like such an intelligent guy -- doesn't this life of serial dating bore him after awhile? Maybe not. Maybe he's living every guy's dream.

But it seems like a year or two is what you need to really drill down (so to speak) and get to know someone. And it's just when George is getting to know a woman -- for who she really is -- that the relationship ends. That leaves him with all of the superficial stuff.

I really had the feeling that Stacy was different. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was the fact that the last time rumors swirled that they'd broken up, George began denying it. Maybe it's because we'd read that Stacy gives George his space.

But it seems like no one interests him for very long. There's just something kind of creepish about a guy who is getting older and older, the ladies getting younger and younger, the relationships getting shorter and shorter.

My sincere hope is that George tries dating a woman his own age for once. Maybe he'll discover that there are women out there who will keep him interested throughout his retirement years? Haha! Joke.

Hey, George, what about Cher?

Do you think George will ever settle down?


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CLM3345 CLM3345

I think women who want marriage and babies need to not date George Clooney.

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

Everyone knows Clooney won't marry. She knew what she was getting. Don't feel bad for her. She sure got her name in the press a lot.

Juliet Jeske

The more he does this, the more I just think he's gay. 

Elizabeth Burke

Oh for God's sake, just because he doesn't want to get married does not mean he is gay. That is just stupid and really gay people. He just wants to live his life. Not everyone wants marriage and babies, I don't. I do think he needs to re-evaluate his choice in women. I think this may hurt cause she seemed to have her own life, career and friends. Maybe he just doesn't want smart women because they won't date him. I mean he does pick some doozys. Except Stacey, I like her.

Trina_ Trina_

I find it funny how Stacey stuck around because she thought she could "change" him so he would want a family. Sorry Stacey, your not as amazing as you think you are. I don't really feel bad for her because she knew what she was getting herself into, George was honest upfront. Personally, I think most of the women that date him do it for promoting their career and once they have a name they drop him. But I think women do that with most of the bad boy/playboy types. They are alluring and cute in the begining but after a couple months if they don't want anything more then the attraction fades.

Janice Caiazzo

George will never settle down. Why should he? George might think of it as he gets older. He misses it all, not having children, family is everything or doesn't he know that?.

nonmember avatar jonessa2

He is a closet gay IMO. And yes, you are quite capable of having heterosexual sex.
.....after all look at Jason Collin.

nonmember avatar mickee

I think George has a child from when he was married . So maybe people would like to think of his child before you speak. The only thing I have trouble with is he as with a wrestler they are a slap in the face to women! If this is the best Hollywood has to offer well it is in bad shape. Shame on you George I would have liked to have seen better from you!

nonmember avatar marie

Maybe George starts dating an older beautiful woman. Of course, young women will look for something more than just dating.

nonmember avatar Joe

Clooney is a wretch and a lonely guy. She's beautiful, and elegant. Any real man would be honored to serve as her husband and give her children. There is no greater honor for a man that for a woman to ask him for children. That's about the ONLY thing we do here that actually means anything.

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