Kate Middleton & Prince William Breakup Details Unveil the Truth About Their Relationship

kate middleton prince williamWe're days -- hours, perhaps?! -- away from welcoming Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby into the world ... which means it's the perfect time to reflect on how the royal lovebirds made it to this exciting point in their relationship. It feels like only yesterday they were calling it quits. What, don't you remember? Before they were the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, they broke up in 2007 after dating for four years ... I know, total bummer. We never really had many details of that bleak moment in time ... until NOW. A new book called Kate by Marcia Moody reveals intimate breakup details.

She writes, "When his father Charles was wooing Diana and the relationship reached a crossroads, Prince Philip told him that he needed to take action one way or another. And Charles proposed. When William was faced with a similar dilemma he went the other way." The funny thing is, it really was for the best.

Of course Kate didn't see the devastating breakup that way initially, according to Moody. Especially not when Wills went to a London nightclub, flirted with tons of girls, and even stood on a table at one point and screamed, "I'm free" (OMG.) So, then, Kate flirted up a storm on her own. According to Moody's book: "Her dresses grew shorter, her tops lower ... Once inside a party she put on a pair of pink silk bunny ears and proceeded, as one partygoer put it, to 'tease all the boys.'" 

The turning point? Moody says that Wills was compelled by his dad Prince Charles' realization that he failed to marry his first true love, Camilla Shand. And from that point on, he did everything he could to get Kate back. He's said of the split:

We were both finding ourselves and being different characters. It was very much trying to find our own way and we were growing up so it was just a bit of space and it worked out for the better.

Yup, makes perfect sense. That's exactly what so many couples I know have had to do to arrive at their final destination of "happily married with children." In fact, I feel like it happens so often, and it's such an important stepping stone for some couples to figure out that they want to be together, it makes that whole case for never getting back with an ex look like BS. It makes the case that sometimes a breakup doesn't necessarily mean it's broken but evolving. That evolution part is key, though, because without it, there's no moving forward.

The royal couple apparently discussed how the relationship had evolved and what they planned to do to move forward when they vacayed in Seychelles in September 2007. Moody writes:

It was during this break that they made an agreement with each other. For the next few years, they would work and enjoy their lives, knowing that at some point when the time was right, they would be husband and wife -- and perhaps parents too.

Love it. Who knows if they would have had such a clear vision of what they wanted had they not broken up, had that space, been able to know what they were missing with one another? Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying a breakup is always necessary to realize that. But for many couples, especially those who've met very young, it is -- and there's no shame in that. Especially knowing it's something the royal couple themselves had to do!

Do you believe a breakup is sometimes necessary for a relationship to evolve?


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Eleph... ElephantShoes12

I normally don't care all that much, (albeit I do a little) who marries who, who cheats on who, etc...however, I really do love the Duke and Duchess!  They both seem so sweet and "real", especially considering the environment they are in.  It's fun to think about the Prince and Princess type of thing and it's just kind of romantic!  I can't wait for their baby to be born - I think it's just exciting!  Diana would have been proud of her son! 

Katie DeHesa

after all this time, i dont see the point in rehashing this, but whatevs :) 

i see that in a lot of cases/relationships, this is a good idea.  and know of a couple who did just this, broke up to be SURE that they were not just 'lusting' but were really a good fit.  and they are now married 17 yrs and 4 girls later...

abra819 abra819

My hubs and I broke up for a week. It was hell but have been married 7 yrs/ 10 together ;)

Lisa Fisher

The physic twins do predict a break up of their marriage.

nonmember avatar Michelle

For what it's worth, I'm glad Prince Charles didn't marry Camilla first. Otherwise, there wouldn't be William or Harry...

waity... waitykate

WHAT A BUTT LOAD OF PROPAGANDA !!!!!! WOO , THEY MUST BE SCARED.WHAT A FAT LIE. He had to marry someone, they expect a baby out of him and a wife. Waity was the only one to make an *** of herself by being available 24-7 to him as if she had no life of her own {AND SHE DIDN’T, AND STILL DOESN’T}…..the press used to call her “the mattress” and Harry was quoted as saying he never thought William was going to marry her….which illustrates the way they shacked up and broke up and repeat. It was partly because Waity had severe jealousy issues. That was common knowledge.Then she tried to tone it down when she realized her plot to gain prestige was going downhill. He’s an idiot for having such low standards, and she’s a common,social climbing whore. They deserve each other. But it’s hardly an ideal relationship……..William is a weak minded person,easily led by Middleton and her grabby,scheming family.

waity... waitykate

Hey Lisa Fischer !  Thanks for the post. I agree, I think they will break up. Middleton and William are a "make do" match, not a real one. She chased that relationship for 9 years...24-7....very desperate and never a life of her own. It's weird. Add to that, William has astrology that indicates 2 marriages, not one.

People who "adore" Middleton never look too closely, they don't look for her past which is more the truth of who she is.  I can't stand her.  I adored Diana, but Middleton is about as opposite as anyone can get. And that's a huge insult to Kate, and I know it.

MOM-u... MOM-umental

I do sometimes think it's necessary. My manbeast and I have been together for ten years-Since I was 18, and he 21. In that ten years we've broken up two separate times. Now, looking back on it, I do think it was beneficial. I look at it as we've got all the BS out of the way so we don't have to face it when were married. We still will have a fight on a random and rare occasion, and that's something that's bound to happen when you share your world so intimately with another person. But the biggest thing I've noticed that's MAJORLY different now as opposed to ten years ago- instead of fighting with each other over life problems (money, family, living situations, etc) we fight these life problems TOGETHER AS A TEAM instead of pitting the problems against one another. It's brought us much closer together than I ever thought possible, and it's so euphorically freeing that I can't believe it took us so long to get here. But I wouldn't have had it any other way, and I am so lucky to have this man in my life and by my side! :-)

fleur... fleurdelys3110

I also don't understand why people say that Kate is like Diana. I guess it's an easy comparison to draw, but it's also a shallow one. The only thing it seems they have in common is a good fashion sense. Kate appears to have no personality and no genuine interest in her charities. Of course, I could be completely wrong because I don't actually know the woman, but this is what it seems like to me.

Andrea Byrd Plate

You know, I never really bought the 'epic love story' the press put out on these two.  Speaking as someone who met her husband in her college years, we couldn't wait to graduate, get married and start our lives.  Going on 11 years of marriage and we're still strong.  The fact that William took so long to propose to Kate, even after the big break (and from what I understand there were a lot of small breaks mixed in there as well) tells me he wasn't sure if he wanted her in his life forever.  I think they're comfortable with each other, and William realized that he wans't likely to find another woman who would jump through so many hoops for a title and a crown.  Sorry, flame away at me, but a man in love doesn't spend that many years deciding whether or not to propose if the woman is 'the one'.

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