Robert Pattinson Reportedly 'Rejected' by Beyonce When He Tries to Meet Her

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Robert PattinsonOk, so this is just plain weird. Supposedly Robert Pattinson wanted to meet Beyonce after seeing her perform at the Staples Center in L.A. on July 1 -- but "he didn't have the right credentials" to get backstage.

(Uhhh, WTF?)

And apparently he wasn't too happy when he was told "no" the first time. A source says he and his buddies "tried to sneak into the meet and greet" and failed miserably. And then he tried to get in again but security wasn't havin' it -- so he and his pals didn't get to hang out with Bey.

One of two things must be going on here. Either this story is false and Rob never tried to meet Beyonce, or her security team has some serious explaining to do for not allowing one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood backstage. I mean, if Robert Pattinson approaches you and asks to meet Beyonce -- you take him to wherever the heck she is and introduce them like they're old friends.

OMG. What if Bey had something to do with this? What if her security peeps told her Rob was cruisin' for a meeting, and she refused? That would be beyond uncool. Yeah, I know she's a pretty big star and all -- but it's not like she's Kate Middleton. She's a singer, for crying out loud, and actors and singers tend to be on a similar level, so one shouldn't assume they're too good to talk to the other. (Gah.)

Ugh. I guess the rest of us can kiss our hopes of rubbing elbows with Bey goodbye for good. Geez. If Robert Pattinson can't manage to score a meeting with her, who the hell can? Oh yeah, you're right, probably Kate Middleton.

Are you buying this story? And if so, why do you think Rob got turned down?


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nonmember avatar Ha

If he doesn't have the proper credentials you kick him out and say goodbye. This just proves he's not that big of a star.

Ladee Boat

This is so sad that the behavior of this woman has REALLY gone to her head. Have you had enough of this foolishness??? Robert is a musician first his songs are on the Twilight soundtrack. I am tierd of the bow down songs and all that other mess. Just show respect as a human being stop throwing shade. IT'S RUDE he has millions of FANS

Barbara Coleman

If Rob tried to meet her, something went wrong at no fault of their.
They both are big stars.

funmo... funmommy123

Her security probably told everyone no that didn't have a vip pass to meet her. Just because you're an actor does not mean you can walk in anywhere & see whoever you want. Same goes for singers etc. Maybe her security team didnt even tell her who was trying to meet her. They just saw a random guy & said no. I mean, let's face it, R patz is famous for twilight & that's really it lol. A lot of ppl who is not into that has no idea who he is

Robsg... Robsgurl29

just shows you how stuck up she is.

Sylviamo Sylviamo

Boy beyonce dont want to fuck with no looser you punk.

Katelyn Joyner

What the Hell the both have talent in the musical l sense, maybe she took sides you know she's all about female empowerment and blaming all guys to me we are equally responsible for are own actions.

nonmember avatar Sissi

Ok so if its true who the fuck cares she think she's all that no she isn't I can't start her since the whole fake pregnancy and maybe they changed the story around maybe Rob didn't wanted to meet her lmao ... And plus she can't even sing the American anthem right ... They people like us they just have money from us .... This is totally different back home u can actually have a normal conversation with fans here is stay a hell away from him/ her

nonmember avatar Derrick R.

Beyonce hates white people. Especially white women because she wishes she didn't have such a huge black ass full of cellulite. Blacks should only hang out with blacks. They speak the same languange: ebonics.

Ellen Bay

Beyonce WHO???!!! Yikes! She really believe she's hot shit doesn't she... mediocer voice, she "hump dance" pretty well. Must have a lot of practice... Fugly husband, rich though. Her security probably are all retards who doesn't know which end is up.. Not worth it Robert!!...

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