Jenelle Evans Shouldn't Care if Her New Boyfriend Is 'Using Her' for Money

Jenelle Evans and Nathan GriffithJust when we were all thinking that Jenelle Evans may have found herself a man who is good for her -- things get complicated. The Teen Mom star has been dating Nathan Griffith for the past few months, and rumors are now surfacing that the underwear model could be into the relationship for the payoff. You mean Nathan Griffith is dating Jenelle Evans for money? Hey, it's not too far off.

Allegedly Nathan has a bit of a criminal track record of his own. According to Radar Online, Nathan has had one traffic case, one common pleas case, and two civil cases against him. Not to mention -- the 25-year-old was evicted on May 20 from his home, soon before moving into the $135,000 home that Jenelle purchased in South Carolina.

Well ... isn't that convenient.

So the question arises: Whether or not Nathan is "using" Jenelle for money (or just shelter)? To be real, I don't think he is. Do I think things happened to "work out" for the two lovebirds at just the right time? Yes. Do I think he likes the fame and attention he's getting from dating an MTVlebrity? Of course. But I also do believe that, despite being a model, this man looks genuinely happy in every single photo that pops up online.

Plus, it seems that he's helping Jenelle get her life on track too. Jenelle is now posting pics of herself working out, she seems to be staying out of trouble, and most importantly -- she also seems happy.

So let 'em be, I say! For now, one thing is a definite: this whole thing is MUCH better than the hoo-hah with Courtland Rogers. 

Do you think Jenelle and Nathan are good together?


Image via PBandJenelley_1/Twitter

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silve... silverdawn99

Well he wont get far. Teen mom 2 got cancelled so the money train isnt going to far

nonmember avatar ash

The show actually was never cancelled. Lmao. Will be returning eventually.

Kymberlie Belfield

he won't definately get far, and I seriously think she's getting used... but Janelle always has trouble finding boyfriends, sorry I had to say even though I like her

Amy Adams

The two will use eachother untill they have nothing left to use. She always icks users. Because that is exactly what she is.

nonmember avatar Adrianne

The teen mom 2 series return in August!

nonmember avatar Shannon Cerda

I'm happy to hear teen mom2 will be returning I love the show, But as for jenelle's new guy, I think he is using her, I hope i'm wrong..She moves too fast when it comes to men, why is the guy living with her already, she needs to just date someone & until she gets married the only boy who should be living with her should be jace..:

Nicole Hughes

I think she needs to quit worring about guys and focus on son for once!

Lili0509 Lili0509

She needs to con concentrate on herself, all these guys coming in and out of her life is not healthy. She should get her life on track and credit only herself, not men.....well the one little man she should worry about has always seemed to be left out of the picture.

nonmember avatar cakes

You Say He's An underwear Model Why The Hell Would He Be Using He for Money? A Place To Stay, Now I Could See That. But Seriously?

Andria Nicole Watson Fiire

It's not Teen Mom 2 returning its Teen Mom 3 that's starting in August... Ya dips!!! Y'all need to leave this poor girl alone and let her be geezzzz!! This is why I don't EVER want to be a celebrity BC they never have privacy!!! EVER!!! I'm out for now!!

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