Brandi Glanville Runs Into LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian on Date & You Won’t Believe What She Did

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Brandi GlanvilleBrandi Glanville has made no secret of the fact that she isn't a big fan of LeAnn Rimes, who is now married to her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian -- as the entire world knows. So when Brandi, LeAnn, and Eddie all ran into each other at a fancy Los Angeles restaurant, you can bet they probably didn't decide to all sit down and eat together -- even though Brandi and Eddie's two children were there too. Naw. Instead, sources say that Brandi "caused quite the scene" and was "obnoxious" when she saw her ex and her ex's present. But ya know what? I don't believe it.

Granted, I wasn't there. But listen to how the whole incident is reported to RadarOnline by an onlooker:

[Eddie and LeAnn were] confronted by Brandi who raised her voice and glass of wine at them.

Ooohhh, raised her voice and glass of wine? Isn't that considered, like, a toast? Sure, she probably did it in jest. But not exactly the "scene" that the media would have us believe. The spy continues:

Brandi was holding Jake in her lap when LeAnn and Eddie walked by. It was a very awkward moment and she appeared to cause quite the scene.

Okay, maybe it was awkward. But HOW did she cause a scene? Notice how that part is left out? Oh wait, the spy says that Brandi yelled at Eddie:

Is that a hi or goodbye?

Nuh-uh she dint! Out of all the things Brandi could have yelled, this was it? How is that so terrible?

You know what? I think nothing worth writing about happened here. Granted, Brandi and LeAnn have certainly unsheathed their claws in the past. Sometimes it's been an all-out war. But sounds like when the three saw each other at the restaurant -- and their children were present -- they acted like adults. I know, it's actually kind of hard to believe. But Brandi tried to set the record straight by telling RumorFix that at the restaurant there was "no scene, no drama, no nothing."

Hopefully the three of them can do more of that.

Do you think Brandi caused a scene?


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Trina_ Trina_

I don't believe there was a "scene" either. Brandi wouldn't do that infront of her children. People can say whatever they want about her but she is a good mother. I also think the media wants there to be drama even by creating it when theres not because Brandi & LeAnn are not relevent without it.

Shandi80 Shandi80

Brandi, obnoxious and causing a scene? Well, paint my toenails and call me Peggy. I, for one, am SHOCKED.

Sharon Levy Hamel

No,I think that she doen't want her kids hurt and it is a stressful situation.I don't always agree w/ everything that Brandi says or does,but she is the wronged person and I don't blame her for her feelings. Her husband was a sleasy cheater before LeAnn came along.He's used his good looks and charm to find a wealthy meal ticket so he can live the high life.I think it is admirable that she puts her children 1st.

nonmember avatar Joy

I'm so over this bickering back and forth. Let's face it, LeAnn stole Eddie from Brandi, so Brandi will always be resentful. Wouldn't you?! LeAnn tries to act all innocent and like a "victim" but she is the one who constantly goads Brandi with her tweets and picture posting. LeAnn is a jerk and very uncool. Brandi is very emotional and outspoken, but she is the wronged one here. And it's hard for a woman to get over it when someone else steals her husband, even is he is a world class dirt bag and wasn't worth keeping in the first place!

Reali... Realityaddict

No I absolutely do not think Brandi would casue a scene especially with the children there....if you watched the housewives she was never the instigator but only retaliates.  I believe LeAnn started this rumor to get attention as she always does.  She is a washed up cheater who can't get her game together and wants all the publicity she can get.

Cindy Rudin Bican

I don't know, but I like Bandi!! she says it like it is, sometimes she needs to say it differently but I just don't think she does things to hurt people on purpose. I also think she wouldn't do it in front of her kids, If a woman wrecked my marriage I cannot imagine any run in would be easy and she is in the public eye but I think haters will say anything soo,,....I am not buying it

nonmember avatar MammaMel

@Dee...your rant was slightly confusing. But mostly, your argument carries no weight and you should not comment on another person's parenting-Using the "r" word is absolutly not acceptable! I would rather a young boy pee outside than hear such ignorant hate speech.

nonmember avatar Beth

Isn't Adrienne Maloof notorious for planting stories with Radar Online? I wouldn't be surprised if she or one her minions was behind this.

Billie Johnson

I would hope she has enough class not to. Plus i don't think the resturant would of allowed that type of behavior 

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