'Teen Mom' Leah Calvert’s New Business Means She Won’t Need MTV’s Money Much Longer

Leah messer calvert teen mom 2Well, it's official! Leah Messer Calvert has quit her job at a tanning salon! The Teen Mom 2 star says she's going into business ... for herself.

How's that for not letting being a Teen Mom define her?

Leah was working as a manager at TanFastiq, a West Virginia chain of tanning salons and spas, but she recently stepped down from her job. Only it's not to be a stay-at-home mom to her three girls -- as some fans suspected. She revealed on (where else?) Twitter that she'll be opening her own salon soon because it's "better for [her] family."

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Leah may be right. Being a business owner can be a lot easier on a parent; you can make your own hours instead of having to bear with a schedule set for you. Especially with baby Ali's doctor's appointments to consider, flexibility is something Leah needs in her life.

But her decision to strike out on her own represents even more for Leah as a reality star. It looks like Teen Mom 2 will get a season 5, but the show can't last forever. Even if Jeremy does make good money as a pipeliner, he has lost his job in the last year, proving they can't live on his money alone.

The Teen Mom girls need to be thinking about what they're going to live on long after the MTV money stops rolling in, and Leah is just doing what co-stars like Kailyn Lowry have done: ensuring their future will be successful long after the cameras are gone.

What do you think of Leah going out and starting a business?


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Elaine Cox

small bizness has a hard time...esp in this day and age...hope she makes it but it will be a long time before she sees the black

Tina Martin

Leah good for u I wish u all the luck with your new business!!

silve... silverdawn99

I wish Leah all the luck but i dont think this will go far.  especially in this economy

nonmember avatar me

Just because you own your business doesnt mean you have more money and free time, often in the beginning its just the opposite. Launching a business thats succesfull requiers lot of time and some start up costs. My husband started his own security company (events and venues and private security) and its taking a lot more of his time running the schedules, payroll, getting new business etc than just showing up to work for someone.Also hes just now after 3 years starting to make a profit we can live on.. Being a small business owner is much more time consuming than 9-5 job, but good luck to her

nonmember avatar Heather

My husband is a pipeliner and I am a stay at home mom and when he is laid off we can survive off of his income alone. They must live beyond their means if they can't survive a few months of lay off time.

nonmember avatar Megan

Jeremy isn't laid off anymore!!! He is working again.

Ms.Li... Ms.LishaJ

Great Ambition! Good luck to her!

Dana Adams

I think its a great thing to do. So she can be home more with her kids. Or just being there. I wish I could do that than I can have my own hrs. And no one telling me what to do. Why to go girl you can do it!!!

Christina Hentschel



Sandra Murry Melford

Way to go Leah!! That's really great news to become your own boss & to make your own hours... Some of wish we could do that but we just can't afford to do it with the way things are going for the econmy.

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