'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Gets Slammed for Something Every Mom Wishes She Could Do

Kailyn Lowry Teen Mom 2It's hard to believe it's been more than three years since Kailyn Lowry first showed up on MTV as a pregnant teenager expecting her first child on 16 & Pregnant. Even harder to believe? Kail's first episode of Teen Mom 2 aired in January 2011! She's come a long, long, long way since then ... which isn't exactly making some of the show's fans happy.

A photo that's making its way around the Internet slams Kail for her exorbitant spending. As the photo's caption points out, it's hard to see her as a "struggling" teenage mother.

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Kailyn is using an iPhone in the photo, and the caption refers to her wearing name brand clothes and sporting a Louis Vuitton bag on the show as well as using a Vera Bradley diaper bag. Not exactly the stuff a broke teenager has, right?

Well, Kailyn had explanations for the costly items on Twitter -- noting that the diaper bag was a baby shower gift, the Vuitton bag a fake, and saying she mostly shops at Target.

Her answers should be enough to shut down this particular line of criticism. But should she even have to go there?

Kailyn is not a teenage mother anymore.

She's a woman in her 20s, a married woman with a job and a husband who likewise works a good job (for the United States military). She isn't struggling anymore, and it's because she's done what she needed to do to pull herself up by her bootstraps. She has worked for the ability to buy herself an iPhone!

Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 have been good at showing American kids that it doesn't pay to have unprotected sex and end up as teen parents, and its stars have sort of been the anti-role model for kids in America. But that doesn't mean they need to spend the rest of their lives screwing up and exemplifying what could happen to teen parents just to scare our kids. They're reality stars, not characters. Reality stars are human beings.

Human beings grow. They change.

For their kids' sakes, heck for their own sakes, it's good for these girls to grow and come into their own. That may be what actually makes them real role models -- teen moms who didn't let it hold them back.

What do you think of Kailyn's spending these days?


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nonmember avatar Meghan

People need to leave Kailyn alone... I actually like her a lot. If they want a train wreck we've got Jenelle and Farrah for that.

nonmember avatar Sarah

Why does the iPhone matter. Chelsea, Leah, Jennelle and most of the Teen Mom's have one. And for pete sake she is doing what she needs to do!

Ashley Lott

and how much does she get paid to be on that show again? probably more than most twenty-somethings earn by working.

nonmember avatar Angelica Aguile

So only because was a teen mom shes suppose to strugle her whole life?? She has a job now im sure she can afford what she wants for herself and her boy now. They are making a big deal out of nothing...

femal... femaleMIKE

I don't care how she spends her money.  I have my own to worry about it.

holly... hollywood222222

I could care less how this idiot spends her money, but to say she earned it because she "pulled herself up by her bootstraps" is laughable. She received Teen Mom money for being a knocked up teenager, she asked for more money from her baby daddy (because she didn't want to work as hard) and then she married a guy for the benefits. This girl doesn't know what hard work is lol. Good one.

MrsIm... MrsImperfect

Her spending is none of our business.

Amy Gormley Roderick

its not like she was octo-mom people on food stamps and welfare taking fertility drugs when she couldn't even support what children she had

Elaine Cox

i dont care what she buys...as long as taxpayers dont pay it....but her own bootstraps?...pleasssse...she went on reality tv...

Schyler Krogman

Why is it even anyones business what she is spending?

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