'True Blood' Recap: Warlow (Almost) Shocks the Pants Off Sookie!


benWHOA! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Remember when we told you not to give up on True Blood season 6?? Remember? And you were probably like, Yeah, too late. But that was before last night’s episode, “At Last” -- which should have been called “At Last Something Interesting Happened on True Blood!” In fact, a couple of interesting somethings happened, and -- SPOILER ALERT -- we didn’t even see 'em coming! (Well, maybe one of them.) 

Anyway. I don’t know about you, but I was all ready to write Ben off as just another Supernatural Sookie Nookie Nugget -- y’know, she’s already checked vampires and shifters off the list, gotta git a faerie in there, right?? Oh, but hold up! Because Ben ain’t just a faerie, he a fanger!! And not just any fanger, he WARLOW!! How does that even work?? You’d think the vampire thing would cancel the faerie thing out -- like, wouldn’t Ben’s undead side somehow siphon all that fancy fae blood out of his own veins and ... okay, that doesn’t really make any sense either. Still. Mad props to Sookie for figuring out Ben’s true identity and coming up with the idea to spike his supper with silver. Of course, the big question is ... now what?? Will Sookie and Ben/Warlow STILL get it on? 

And then there's the question of what, exactly, is in store for new vamp Willa (okay, we kinda saw that one coming), Pam, Tara, and Ginger when they get to the vampire experimentation camps ... creepy! My guess? Ginger will be first to meet the true death. Cause, honestly, who cares about that bee-yotch?!

Were you surprised to find out about Ben's true identity?


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happy... happymama0609

I knew there was something off about Ben, I thought he was working with Warlow though, not actually him!

nonmember avatar Candii

First off...I jumped out of my seat, when Ben/Warlow let out his fangs, saying "iknewit iknewit...i knew ben was warlow!" i was very suspecious of him after the faerie club massacare. As for Willa that was a given. I just wish she was smarter about the big reveal to her father. You didnt say anything about this but: oh no jessica....why did you do that?! Oh and ginger is human so i wonder what they have for her at the camps! Cant wait for next week.

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