'Princesses: Long Island' Recap: Chanel's Disastrous Breakdown Was Totally Understandable

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After weeks of flavorless plotlines, things finally started getting juicy last night on Princesses: Long Island. Unfortunately, it was at the expense of Chanel -- who had one disastrous breakdown at a party Amanda had for her product, Drink Hanky.

Her breakdown had nothing to do with those Snuggie-like drink koozies -- though I wouldn't have blamed her if it did! But really -- poor Chanel. She had to watch her baby sister, Ashley, try on wedding dresses while their mother kept harping on the fact that Chanel doesn’t have a husband yet. Way to rub it in, Chanel’s mom. And of course it didn’t help that her sister forced Chanel to try on a wedding dress too. Who does that? Chanel definitely wasn't on board with her sister's wishes. “Ashley doesn’t think she’s a bridezilla, but this is a pretty bridezilla thing to do.”


After bawling in Casey’s arms because of all of the anxiety she was feeling, Chanel was in search of a fun night out at Amanda’s party. Too bad some psycho lady decided to assault Chanel with ice cubes and drinks. Stressed out Chanel didn’t skip a beat before she threw a drink right back at the unknown crazy lady and went totally ballistic. I’ve never seen Chanel act so out of control (and neither had the other princesses), which leads me to believe that she must have completely cracked because of all of the pressure of her sister’s wedding.

Honestly, you have to feel pretty bad for her. She’s torn up about her little sister getting married before her, especially since she’s basically considered an old maid at the ripe age of 27. Pathetic. No wonder she had a meltdown.

While Chanel was struggling with the sound of her sister’s imminent wedding bells, the other princesses were off trying to find eligible bachelors (what’s new?). Joey, Ashlee, and Casey went to a speed-dating event, and let me tell you, things got real between Ashlee and Joey. Joey was her usual snarky self and made a joke out of the whole event by verbally abusing the men with zingers like, “I could see you as a furry,” and “How big is your ... pull it out. I want to know.” No wonder Ashlee snapped like a twig and started ignoring Miss Holier-Than-Thou. If she knew she wouldn’t like speed-dating, then why did she even come?

By the end of the episode, we were left with Chanel in shambles, Erica drinking and complaining about her smothering boyfriend (surprise, surprise), Amanda attempting to be a businesswoman, Ashlee and Joey screaming at each other, and Casey ... doing, well, nothing.

Best quote of the night: “I have a laundry list of why I don’t like her. And frankly, I don’t do laundry.” -- Ashlee talking about Joey

What did you think of Chanel’s meltdown? 

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