'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kim & Kourtney Leave Khloe Out When It Comes to Baby Talk

Khloe Kardashian and Kris JennerFor all the brave faces and supportive words Khloe Kardashian offers her sisters and their children, the truth is that it's got to hurt not yet having her own children. Tonight on KUWTK, we saw that her sisters weren't really doing much to make her feel better either.

While shopping for baby clothes, Kim and Kourtney completely ignored her and anything she'd point out. At one point, she pulled out a black sheep, because that's just what they were making her feel like.

“If they wanna do their baby stuff without me, I'd rather not be invited than be a third wheel,” she said.

Then on a night she got all dolled up and ready to hit the town -- at a restaurant of her sisters' choosing, by the way -- they just flaked on her, and said they decided to stay home in their sweats and do baby stuff instead. She would have happily joined them, only they didn't do her the courtesy of letting her know, and they didn't even notice when she left.

Hurt, Khloe was left with momager Kris Jenner, who was all sorts of excited to have an excuse to go out and get wasted. And wasted she got, at some point deciding that they needed to go and toilet paper Kim's house.

After a drunken stop at a drugstore to pick up the TP, shaving cream, and silly string, they totally got Kim's house good. Strangely enough, no security alarms went off, nor did Kim check her cameras during that time, but we'll suspend that bit of disbelief I suppose.

When Kim did find out who did it, she was pissed (speaking of which, how funny was that song Kendall and Kylie made about their mom's weird peeing phobia?). While it was just a silly prank, and you know Kim didn't have to lift a finger to clean it up, at least it did bring up the real issue -- Kim and Kourtney getting absorbed by baby issues and ignoring Khloe.

They apologized, and that's great, but you know that they'll probably forget, and Khloe will continue to feel left out more often. Especially now that the world is obsessed with North West, it's got to be tough for Khloe, no matter how strong she seems. I hope that her family tries to keep that in mind and shows more sensitivity than they did tonight.

Did you feel bad for Khloe when Kim and Kourtney were leaving her out?


Image via E! Online

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nonmember avatar Giselle

I have always thought that Kloe will make a wonderful mom someday. To me, she seems very real and sweet. She is also so in touch with her feelings that she is not afraid to hug, kiss, be goofy and yet, there is a serious, responsible side to her. I wish her all the best and hope that she does not give up in trying to be mom. In any case, adoption may be a thought. Remember, Kloe....Mom is who is always there for you, taking care of you, loving you and staying up with you when you need to...with that said not everyone can do these things. I think you are great and I send you a big hug and with you luck.

Saerise Saerise

Khloe is the only one I have a drop of respect for. She seems like shed be an awesome mother.

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